Jaguar XF 2012 Launch in Malaysia

It was huge privilege to be in the Jaguar showroom last week at Pavilion to witness the unravelling of the “new” Jaguar XF.

jaguar fx-007

Though I’m not as automotively -inclined nor not as “educated” or familiar with automotives abracadabra as my media peers that day, I, like everyone else are familiar with the prestige and quality associated with Jags.

jaguar fx-001

According to my fellow automotive gurus, the 3 variants of Jaguar XF launched that day was more of a facelift from the previous models.

jaguar fx-002

The design has undergone a refresh, opting for a more sporty and contemporary look as opposed to the more classic appeal,” says Sisma Auto (sole local importer and distributer for Jaguar in Malaysia) director Syed Khalil Syed Ibrahim.

The car now features new bi-xenon headlamps and a redesigned grille which I thought gave it a more young-ish appeal and fiercer look.

jaguar fx-009

Rawrrrrrrr! Doesn’t the front lights and the side curves remind you of a feline’s? Or is it just me?  >)

jaguar fx-005

Naturally, I plopped my behind onto the XF’s plush seats …

jaguar fx-019

And ran my hand over the panels and knobs and luxurious interior.

jaguar fx-026

jaguar fx-028

jaguar fx-017

jaguar fx-018

When it comes to the dashboard, I was, as usual amazed at the amount of controls and tuners.
According to an automotive enthusiast friend, on the inside, the equipment list has been revised to include Jaguar satellite navigation system and a new, high power entertainment system.

jaguar fx-025

jaguar fx-020

jaguar fx-021

There’s also a push start button to start the engine, and this gleaming round silver knob rises up as the car roars into life. Dramatic sial….  O_O


jaguar fx-022

jaguar fx-023

I didn’t manage to try the “high power entertainment system” but hell, I hope I get to test drive a Jag one day. I wonder if I will pass out from the excitement even before I got the engine started!  😀

More pictures below of the Jaguar XF:

jaguar fx-012

jaguar fx-015

jaguar fx-016

jaguar fx-006

jaguar fx-008

jaguar fx-011

jaguar fx-014

**The Jaguar XF facelift is available in Malaysia in three variants:

– Jaguar XF 3.0 Petrol: RM488,888 OTR
– Jaguar XF 3.0 Diesel S: RM509,888 OTR
– Jaguar XFR 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged: RM888,888 OTR

Thanks Jaguar Malaysia for the privilege to witness the launch!

jaguar fx-029

And for lunch too!  😀

jaguar fx-030

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11