IPOH DIM SUM: Sun Kok Kee – Bercham, Ipoh

I headed north on Tuesday; en route to Lumut where the jetty Marina Island Pangkor is located. From there speedboats ferries all guests to Pangkor Island Resort, my final destination where I’m currently sunbathing as I’m writing this blog post. 🙂

IPOH June12 - sun kok kee dim sum

Why Pangkor you may ask? Well, from my previous Tanjong Jara trip I discovered the YTL’s Resident Packages which in my opinion is a steal, considering the service and the beauty of each resorts under the YTL Hotels. The Resident Package  includes meals, accommodation and certain complimentary activities. Package rates start from *MYR999 nett per room on a nightly basis. You can check it out HERE.

A full post of what the whole package entails will be up once I’m back. Now let’s get back to the scrumptious dim sum I had in Ipoh! 😀

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-009

The infamous Foh San is out of consideration as it has been in my blacklist ever since my last visit during my Ipoh – Indulgence Living and Restaurant getaway. To say that my breakfast was a mild disaster is putting it rather kindly.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-007

So I scoured online for the less “famous” but old school nostalgic dim sum outlets, preferably those where the business had ran for decades and through generations. And I finally decided on Sun Kok Kee, which has garnered pretty positive reviews online.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh

Service was chirpy and everyone was really helpful. Smiling face  and warm morning wishes greeted us as we walked in. I requested to take pictures and the staff nodded obligingly. Once I was seated, trays of dim sum appeared immediately. I grabbed my favourites; steamed BBQ  buns (Char Siew Pau), fish balls, pork ribs and in an attempt to inject some fibres, some vegetarian dumplings.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-006

Everything is piping hot already so we didn’t have to wait for our selections. The fish balls were bouncy and smooth. Pork ribs were lip-smacking savoury goodness but I find the vegetarian dumplings way too greasy.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-008

I prefer my char siew paus with leaner cuts of meat but this wasn’t half bad!

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-005

But it was the porridge that warrants praise. Wholesome thick gruel with generous amount of minced pork and century eggs warmed the tummy for the 2 hours journey ahead to Lumut.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-001

Adding on to my personal recommended dim sum at Sun Kok Kee is the fried radish cake. An auntie fries it ala-minute (as all fried radish cakes should be) and I suspect that the radish cakes are made in-house. They are the small squares you see at the side of the pan below; and on the left is the mountain of “chai po” – preserved radish which is the key element of the dish.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-010

The Fried Radish Cake came generously laden with crunchy bean sprouts and was incredibly fragrant. I inhaled in a breathful of the aroma and knew I will love it. Each cut of the radish cake was perfectly flavoured with seasoning and chilli and had that elusive perfectly crisp outer layer; and yet still retaining the soft velvety texture within.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-003

The siew mai was just average.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-002

Even their chilli is made-in-house. Slightly sweet but with enough heat. I liked it! 🙂

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-004

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-014

Sun Kok Kee has 2 dining areas; one air-conditioned and another just like a coffee shop.  As usual I sat outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the fresh air.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-011

Sun Kok Kee is not hard to find at all. Look out for a few landmarks such as this school, or the morning Bercham market.

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-013

SUN KOK KEE - dim sum in ipoh-012

I hope to visit Ipoh again soon. It would be great to hunt out more such dim sum joints! 😀

Sun Kok Kee – Bercham
7-11, Persiaran Bercham Baru Timur 1, Taman Bercham Baru, Ipoh,
31400, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel 05-536 6579
GPS: To be updated.

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