Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh – my RM790++ Qatrynka suite

God (or rather, everyone) knows that I needed a break. Oh wait, so does everyone else that’s in the city right?

The traffic jam, the unpredictable weather (why does it have to rain every single day at 5pm??? As if after-work traffic ain’t bad enough as it is!), the gets to us doesn’t it?
The city can be exciting, but at the same it wears you out as well.

For my sanity, I travel out of KL at least once a month. Last month I was in Sg for Wine for Asia, and earlier this month I was transported back to the countryside as I traipsed through the sleepy town of Pekan and Sg Lembing in Kuantan.

Short respites like this helps in its little way to sooth my consistent high strung emotions.

My latest city-runway adventure was in this charming yet romantic Tudor colonial bungalow in Ipoh.

Indulgence Living and Restaurant, iPOH

Indulgence Restaurant and Living is no new kid on the block.
Julie Song (now, one can’t mention “Indulgence” in the same breath and miss out Julie! 🙂 ) started out with a simple cakes & coffee joint in May 1996 in Canning Gardens, which back then was probably one of the few commercial areas in Ipoh town. Julie obviously got a winning formula in place; as her cosy cafe expanded to 2 shoplots shortly after and then in Nov 2005 Indulgence Restaurant was born, serving Modern European cuisine to the simple, laid back citizens of sleepy Ipoh.
 It was a gutsy move. But Julie Song is no wallflower.

But more on the restaurant & Julie later. I’m kicking off my Ipoh stay-cation series of posts with a write-up of my luxurious yet cosy suite, Qatrynka, which is one of the 3 suites available in Indulgence Living.

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-34

Indulgence Living has only 7 bedrooms, each with a different theme and deco. Just like Julie, monotony is never a part of her life; or in Indulgence Restaurant’s menu and certainly not present in any of the space within the colonial mansion.

Every nook and cranny or available space is tastefully decorated with pretty knick-knacks or interesting memorabilias which Julie has personally selected and allocated it’s little space in this colonial mansion.

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-02

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-35

My suite, Qatrynka, is of Rococo Architecture. Now, I’m no architecture expert, and had to do a bit of research on this.

Rococo architecture is actually late version of the Baroque style, (also known as Modern Baroque) and is most often found in Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, and Russia.
Just from these countries alone, I could more or less relate to the style and architecture, having watched enough movies from that era.

Features of Rococo Architecture include:

  • Elaborate curves and scrolls
  • Ornaments shaped like shells and plants
  • Intricate patterns
  • Delicate details
  • Complex, asymmetrical shapes
  • Light, pastel colors
indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-13

Think heavy furniture, drapes, rich colours and opulence. I felt like a Queen when I swept in into my suite. I was almost tempted to wave my hand to signal a butler! Hahaha! :P

I would highly recommend that you watch the video below, as only then you would really be able to grasp and comprehend the ambiance and layout of the Qatrynka Suite, since still images lacked the ability to do it justice.

Nevertheless, here’s pictures of the Qatrynka Suite!

Below: Soft French silk and satin drapes at the windows which are shielded from sunlight with blinds. Each individuals drapes are different.

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-01

A four-poster bed welcomed my tired physical & mental self,  with inviting plush cushions & soft sheets.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-03

The living area and the bedroom are separated with a beautiful lotus designed panel and a TV top, where coincidentally, the TV can be watched from the living room or from the bed, since it can be rotated 180 degrees on its stand.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-34

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-22

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-19

Below: The beautiful lotus designed panel I mentioned earlier, viewed from the bed.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-30

The plush, pretty chair beside it.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-27

Bedside table and lamp, complete with an old fashioned clock.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-26

Right opposite the foot of the bed another table with a lamp and 2 full gilded framed mirrors on its wall became my “working desk” while I was in residence .

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-28

And this was my working chair. 🙂

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-29

I’m particular about powerpoints in any hotel suite/room that I’m in. The simple reason is that I’m very mobile gadgets dependent, having a minimum of 2 mobile phones, a camera and a laptop that needs to be fully charged at any one time. The power plugs in this room are aplenty, 2 on each side of the bed and another 2 under the “working desk”.

Below: It may be a 1940s colonial mansion, but the electrical system/wiring are safe and modern!

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-24

A sliding door made with esthetic wooden panels opens into the ensuite.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-23

With semi-polished porcelain striped floor and walls tiled with jet black tiles and gold dazzles, the four-legged tub inside coaxes ideas of seduction.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-06

I find the standalone bathtub sexy..very sexy. :P

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-07

A hand-painted wall with gorgeous red flowers on a gold base breaks the monotony of dullness from the black and stripes.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-12

Right opposite the bathtub a practical and large wardrobe stores the essentials; a pair of bath robes, towels, a safe deposit box, a hairdryer and so forth.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-31

The ensuite bathroom is practical yet pretty. I love the spaciousness and having separated rooms for shower and the toilet area is a plus point in my books.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-09

Ultra modern showering facilities too! I’m a fan of these rain showers. Needless to say, a heater system is in place of course.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-11

The whole wash area are embossed with black tiles and rustic brown cut marble double wash basins sits against a full gilded framed mirror.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-10

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-0

These antique lamps are amazing, adding a delicate charm and a splash of colour to the chic bathroom. Again, the potential monotony from the use of black tiles and minimalism concept are shaken up rather cleverly with subtle colourful ornaments like this.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-32

Shower essentials are provided of course, just in case you reckon that this is not a full fledged hotel & Indulgence Living might cut some corners. Shampoo, bath gel, lotion, hand towels, bath towels, dental kits, soaps and etc are all there, just like any other accommodation establishment, and whatever provided are just as complete, if not more.

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-50

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-49

Stepping in, the modern barouqe Qatrynka suite instantly envelopes you in it’s air of elegance and opulence.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-02

Crimson casis cut velvet on brassy golf ground lined one side of the wall and an elegant plum George Smith 3 sitter sofa with lime washed walnut wood legs in lustrous silk damask from the Velvy Collections sits comfortably against a Mahogany timber frame beveled mirror. Chandeliers made from tree roots create a look of timeless age.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-01

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-05

An Antoinette chair with plush silk taffeta cushion and colonial chairs with soft cushions from Designers Guild collection gives a romantic touch. A gilted framed mirror hangs above the vintage Chinois cabinet which houses the mini bar. Designed carpets of captivating colours gives it a total sophistication of endless drama.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-04

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-16

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-17

For a self-taught interior designer, Julie has certainly executed a fabulous job for Indulgence Living.
I will be sharing on the interior of the restaurant and the whole bungalow next but just from this suite alone, you’ll get an idea of Julie’s eclectic way of decorating.
She has managed to retain the modern Baroque style and feel but through a clever mix & match of furnishing, the Qatrynka suite oozes an air of contemporary grandeur versus the usual feel of stuffy and old fashioned normally associated with such styles.

Below: A personal warm welcome note from Julie.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-14

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-20

Qatrynka suite - Rebecca saw

Website: Indulgence Restaurant and Living, Ipoh

GPS:  N04° 35′ 37.50″, E101° 4’37.48″

14, Jalan Raja Dihilir
30350 Ipoh Perak.

Indulgence Living & Restaurant, iPOH-0

All pictures taken with:
Samsung NX11