05 Jun 2010

In Singapore again, backpackers’ style!

I’m in Singapore again! :yahoo:
And of course, you can expect me to be eating, blogging, partying and shopping my way through Singapore. Which reminds me, I still got so much to blog about since my last trip & even more from my previous previous trip HERE - read on how I got stranded at 5am in Sg!! :wacko:

Luckily, this time round, I wasn’t stranded nor did any untoward incidents happened to me. I’m now pretty set on taking only Sri Maju buses thru & fro Singapore. It’s been reliable & the chairs are really comfy.

For this trip, I’m staying in Singapore’s Little India district instead of with my friends. A short cab ride from Golden Mile complex (SGD4.80 – at the ungodly hour of 6am), the kind cab driver dropped me off at Tekka Centre, walking distance away from my hostel; since I proclaimed that I’m famished.

Singapore - tekka centre4

Naturally Little India served Indian food, and I took a quick tour of the place before settling for one of the Roti Prata telur (with egg). SGD1.20, at a stall where it appears to be the busiest.

Singapore - tekka centre (2)

Urghh.. even Little India’s BUSIEST stall for Roti Pratha loses to the roti telur I had at Kayu’s (which was horrible, btw). I left half uneaten on the plate.

Touring Tekka centre again, I realized there were chinese stalls as well on the other side, and helped myself to some freshly steamed and made -on- the- spot Teo Chew Kueh.

Singapore - tekka centre2

Not great, but much better & pretty much gave me the energy to walk to my hostel.

Singapore - tekka centre

Serene and breezy in the morning, Singapore’s Little India district may seem similar to Malaysia’s, with Indians walking on the sidewalk, Indian shops with Indian signages and smells of Indian spices/food and perfume.

little india Singapore

little india Singapore1

little india Singapore3

However, it is NOT. IF you haven’t noticed, Singapore’s Little India is CLEAN! ;-)

And ahaaa! Prince of Wales! The backpackers’ hostel where I booked my room. But darn, it is not open yet. It’s only open at 9am. Hurmphh….

Prince of Wales Singapore (2)

Prince of Wales Singapore3

As well… at least there is an internet cafe nearby, which is exactly where I’m blogging from now! :whistle:

Ok, it’s 9am! Off I go to my bed! Happy hols people & enjoy your day! I know I will  ;-)

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5 Jun 2010

Sean says:

hehe, yeah, this almost looks like it could be in penang, except that the roads and buildings seem cleaner and more well-maintained :d
actually the roti telur looks good! but hopefully, u’ll find a lot more satisfying food elsewhere this weekend


rebeccasaw Reply:

whtcha doin up so early??? ;-)
YEs yes.. i’m expecting better food later!! Else heads gonna roll!!


5 Jun 2010

lotsofcravings says:

u in sg as in now now? haha heading back to kl today!


rebeccasaw Reply:

Yes yes.. saw yr tweets! Hope you had a good hols!


10 Jun 2010

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12 Jun 2010

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16 Jun 2010

Melvin Schiefer says:

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17 Jun 2010

Marcelo Faria says:

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5 Jul 2010

Jeremy says:

This is where we are stayin again if we go down Sg for Baybeats?



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