Ice Bowl SS2, PJ – Original Taiwanese Desserts

The current desserts fad; or more specifically ice-based desserts is insane.

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Though I’m not a fan of the “mango lolo ” , snow ice or taiwanese desserts like Snowflakes, I find myself unable to avoid it, especially so when you’re out with friends, for it has been become a routine (almost like a yumcha culture now), to head to Snowflakes for the after-meal chat.

Eventually I got addicted to the ICE.
Yes, ice. Especially after a long or scorching hot day, a nice icy & sweet dessert does help to cool the system/temper down. Truth to be told, I don’t really fancy the toppings, though I admit that the beans, taro balls & peanuts, sweet potato etc is pretty nice. But it was really the flavoured ice that got me hooked.

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I have always lamented that there is no Snowflakes within the 5 km vicinity of my home & wondered why isn’t there any such outlet in the congested SS2 commercial area.

Hence imagine my glee when I found a “Snowflake copy” outlet newly opened in SS2, along  Jalan SS2/63 (same row as KTZ). I hopped over as soon as I could, and while I was slightly disappointed that the prices were not lower; I was pleased that the desserts here tasted marginally better.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-20

It’s hard to actually describe the differences but I’ll try. For starters, the ice seems finer. And there are subtly more pleasant flavours in my overall bowl of Ice Bowl.

To give them credit, the menu is not 100% similar. Ice Bowl has their own signatures such as the egg pudding which was a nice option from the usual beans/taro/pearls.
Another is their SAFE EGGS – which is used in their egg pudding as well as the RAW egg that you will get if you order the Special Moonlight Milky Ice RM6.00.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-17

Raw egg!

ice bowl ss2 PJ-14

To allay your fears about contamination, Ice Bowl only uses these “SAFE EGG”s, but don’t put the blame on me should anything goes awry with your tummy! Haha..

ice bowl ss2 PJ-13

Ice Bowl’s menu.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-01

The concept of the orders are the same; choose a base for the ice – which is grass jelly or green bean ice, then pick your toppings from the A-F  combo.

ice bowl ss2 taiwanese dessert

Set A: Taro + Red Bean +Pearl

Set B: Green Bean + Lotus Seed + Pearl

Set C: Sweet Potato + Barley + Pearl

Set D: Black Glutinous Rice + Kidney Bean + Pearl

Set E: Peanuts + Red Bean + Pearl

Set F: Taroball + Pearl

Another Ice Bowl special is the brown sugar base, and you can choose up to 4 toppings for the price of RM6.90/bowl.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-05

ice bowl ss2 PJ-18

Mine: Pineapple, Peanut, Red Bean, Grass Jelly. (RM6.90)

ice bowl ss2 PJ-04

Taro balls, sweet potato, grass jelly, pearl. (RM6.90)

ice bowl ss2 PJ-03

Next is their Soya Tauhu series; which nothing new when compared to Snowflakes. Still, I would sample it soon to check out on the bean curd texture. Perhaps that would be another post.

For HOT desserts, Ice Bowl offers a small selection of Black Glutinous Rice & Red Bean combos.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-09

This is the Green Jelly Ice (mung bean flavoured based ice) Green Bean + Cream + Set Toppings. RM6.50
I find this a bit filling, as it is green mung bean based ice and not empty flavoured ice per se.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-15

You can opt to have it with the cream too.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-16

Special Moonlight Milky Ice RM6.00 – (Safe Egg Yolk + Red Bean + Cream )
I personally find ONE yolk a bit little, and for my next bowl I certainly would ask for double yolks! Hahah.. What changes the dessert is the added creaminess from the yolk; think sweet & icy & creamy all in one spoonful. Bliss! :P

ice bowl ss2 PJ-14

So there you have it. Another Taiwanese desserts place to check out.

Next I’m going to have to try ZenQ (Sunway Pyramid) & UFO, (also SS2) for comparison! Who’s with me?? :P

Ice Bowl
Jalan SS2/63 (same row as KTZ).

Below: Brightly lit & spacious seating space (unlike ahem.. a similar outlet that’s so cramped).

ice bowl ss2 PJ-00

ice bowl ss2 PJ-11

Roomy, open area for payment & dessert pick-up counter.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-12

I liked the fact that all the ingredients are displayed at the counter & you can watch while your orders are being prepared.

ice bowl ss2 PJ-07

ice bowl ss2 PJ-08

Very friendly service staff too.

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