Humble Beginnings’ Mille Crepes – Bangsar & Austin Chase outlets

Mille crepes are pretty “elusive” in KL. The popular (and likely the only few) outlets that is synonymous with mille crepes are the infamous Nadeje, which is in Melaka, or Food Foundry in Happy Mansion, PJ Section 17.

humble beginnings mille crepe 1

I have tried both; and unfortunately the pictures are missing at the moment so there will probably be no posts on them. LOL.

Anyhow, I first realized there is another option for mille crepes in KL when I walked past a small florist shop in Telawi, Bangsar.

humble beginnings Bangsar (2)

“Humble Beginnings” says the forlorn lone bunting standing at the corner of the small florist shop. Me being me, I made enquiries immediately, only to find out that this is just a pick up point for WHOLE cake orders, and there are no retail purchases available on the spot. Hence then my hope of sampling Humble Beginnings mille crepes vanished.

humble beginnings Bangsar (1)

Until recently that’s it.
Guess what? Humble Beginnings’ mille crepes are now available by slice in Austin Chase at Gardens, Mid Valley & Sunway Giza!

austin chase gardens MV

Yup, although Austin Chase does not stock the whole repertoire of Humble Beginnings’ mille crepes, the 4 -5 varieties available is enough for you to have an idea of HB’s mille crepes.

austin chase Garden MV

humble beginnings mille crepe-1

Peach Passion Mille Crepe. RM14.90.

passionfruit mille crepe

French Vanilla Mille Crepe. RM13.90.

humble beginnings mille crepe-3

Swiss Chocolate Velvet Mille Crepe. RM14.90.

humble beginnings mille crepe-11

The Swiss Chocolate Velvet is a chocolate lover’s dream. Layered with decadent chocolate cream & with additional chocolate bits in between the layers, this was forkfuls of sinful scrumptiousness.

humble beginnings mille crepe-10

The French Vanilla, on the other hand, was all fragrant vanilla and delicately pristine. Start your mille crepe experience with this, and be bowled over by its luscious and silky smooth cream.

humble beginnings mille crepe-2

The Peach & Passion fruit uses the same vanilla base, but with supplement of thin slivers of fruits in between layers. Opt for this if you are craving for a mellifluous fruity flavour in your mille crepes.

humble beginnings mille crepe-9

Mille Crepes are works of perfection. Assembling one is a tedious task, and requires much concentration to keep each layer perfectly symmetrical and spread with the right amount of vanilla custard & fresh cream to ensure evenness in the final product. For the uninitiated, “mille” means a thousand, though now mille crepes comes in realistic layers of 20 or so.

humble beginnings mille crepe-12

It is then not surprising that such a delicate dessert originated from the French. The name Mille Crepe is given because the cake resemble a “thousand” layers of crepe stacked together; a layer of crepe, spread with a coat of cream, another layer of crepe, another flim of cream and the process is repeated til the last top layer is put into place.

humble beginnings mille crepe

I love this picture 😉 .

humble beginnings mille crepe-5

An example of the size of a whole Mille Crepe cake by order.

humble beginnings mille crepe-7

humble beginnings mille crepe-6

One last mille crepe pic…

humble beginnings mille crepe-4

Other inspiring flavours by Humble Beginnings:
Cheesy Cheese
Coffee Bliss
Mango Cheese
Macha Latte
Oreo Cookies Cream
Pandan Kaya
Peanut Butter
Raspberry Cheese Yogurt
Reese’s Surprise
Royal Milk Tea
Strawberry Heaven

Do visit for more info & prices.

Humble Beginnings Mille Crepes
Pick up point for orders of whole cakes: Bangsar Flower Cottage, No. 30,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
besides Subway.
PJ/KL – + 6 017 245 8035 (Mr Alex)
Johor Bahru – + 6012 – 635 8035
Penang – + 602 – 485 8035

By slices: Visit Austin Chase, Gardens, Mid Valley or Sunway Giza.

All orders of mille crepes cakes requires a min of 2 days notice. Humble Beginnings’ Mille Crepe contains no preservatives or artificial flavourings.

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