Hennessy Lor Mee & yummy Ais Kacang at Setapak!

I first read about this intriguing creation in this article “Food Tale promotion by Knife Cooking Oil” which was published in The Star.

As usual, it took me months later to visit the shop, with the usual obstacles of distance, time & the lack of an adventurous eating partner.

So one weekend, I decided to hell with it, if no one is keen then I’m going alone. And I ended up having 4 people joining me right after I have declared so. Funny how things turned out sometimes huh?

ps: (And today is my 2nd visit! Food IS consistent!) *stamps approval*

Hennessy LorMee1

The Ayer Panas Hawker Center is where it is at, and here we found it to be an open area, complete with rickety & worn plastic tables & chairs. All of old hawker charm were present, though I must confess SS2 Wai Sik Kai’s seems posh after seeing this place.

Hennessy LorMee3

We stumbled on this too. Turned out to be a bowlful of thirst quenching delight. We stapled the Red bean & honeydew flavours, and it was perfect for the hot weather while waiting for our food.

Hennessy LorMee2


Seeing double, triple and quadruple of this on the other diners’ tables cued me on my order. The Vermicelli in wine soup with clams, RM11 was as popular as their Signature Hennessy Lor Mee. Our single portion came with generous fillets of dory fish, chockful of clams, sprinkles of coriander & spring onions. Fragrant with the naunces of wine & loads of ginger, this made for a very tasty dish. All of us rewarded this with a score of 8/10!

Hennessy LorMee

The Hennessy Lor Mee, RM11, needs no introduction. The aroma and richness from the luxuriant liquer was mellow, yet with a distinctly curious flavor. It’s heady scent hit me as soon as the bowl was placed on the table. We gave it a good stir and lapped up theย  hefty tangle of thick egg & glass noodles topped with all of it’s added ingredients of pork, prawns, juliennes of carrots swimming in the eggy, starchy broth.

Hennessy LorMee

Hennessy LorMee1

Hennessy LorMee2

They do their porks dishes very well here too. Each fillet is wonderfully tender & and their sauce (I tried the kung po style (with dried chillies today)) is always in the right balance of salty & sweet. This is their Pork braised ginger with plenty of spring onions & leeks style, RM10 which I had during my last visit. With hints of sesame oil, the soft tender pork fillets satisfied the porcine pork deprived ache in us. Lovely.

braised pork

Last was a simple but delicious dish of FRESH green lettuce, very lightly blanched and bathed in aromatic oil, (thanks to the pork lards, dried shrimps & salted fish plus bird eye chillis) that it was fried with, which fulfilled the fibre criteria in our meal.


I spied 2 more popular dishes other than the Hennessy Lor Mee; one of which is fish head beehoon and another the black Hokkien Mee. While the latter seemed a bit oily to me, the former promises to be good, with chunks of fried fish & thick milky broth. Will save that for the 3rd visit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And this old unassuming stall churned out what could be the best ice kacang in this side of town (hawker version, and at the price of RM2.80, ok).

ABC stall

My Ais Kacang was spilling out of its bowl with SOFT, SMALL red beans (I hate those canned kidney beans ones!), firm green chendol tails, noodles of pinkish chewy jelly, nata de coco, palm seeds, corns, peanuts, cincau (black herbal jellies).
All that for RM2.80!
The thick sugar syrup & Gula Melaka drizzled over the ice was fragrant & a dash of coconut milk gave it the perfect finishing flavour.

This is easily one of the best ice kacang I have tasted in KL so far, though the one in SS2 Wai Sik Kai (Stall 41)ย  ice has a finer texture.



Lunch came up to RM36 for all the above, with free flow iced chinese tea thrown in. So cheap, so good and so satisfying! I love this place!

Quick, note this place and address down. It is really not that hard to find.



GPS: N03 11.388, E101 43.82

Stall No. 22 Ayer Panas Hawker Center (tel: 012-624 7610). It is located inside the Ayer Panas Hawker Centre, Off Jalan Genting Klang. From KL, drive along Jalan Pahang until you reach Jalan Genting Klang, then turn right into Jalan Ayer Panas. Continue until you reach the T-junction at the end of the road. Here, turn left and you will see an old hawker centre on your left. Look out for the stall with empty Hennessy boxes hung around.

Location: . Opening hours: 8.30am-6pm (Tuesdays to Sundays).