Hawker Food at Restaurant Hup Soon, SS3 – Kelana Jaya

For me, no matter how fancy I go, how fusion, how out-of-the-ordinary cuisine can pique my interest, I can’t do without my hawker food. While weekend mornings are for American style brekkies, most mornings it’s Nasi Lemak or a sandwich.

For lunch, economy rice is mandatory. Malay, Indian, Chinese, it’s ok. We are 1Malaysia aren’t we? 😛

There are loads of coffee shops in PJ area but I was introduced to this one rather recently by the PJ boy – UnkaLeong.

restaurant hup soon SS3

N03 05 707
E101 36 671

Restaurant Hup Soon
Jalan SS3/39
Kelana Jaya, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Not easy to find for some, for it is out of the usual PJ Section 17, Taman Megah, SS2 areas. But if you do take the trouble, you will duly rewarded with fresh, FISHY Yong Tau Foo worthy of rivalry to the overrated Ampang ones.

yong tau foo Hup Soon SS3

I need my RICE, and I zoomed in on this stall, where the queue was plausible long.

indian rice Hup Soon SS3
My meal above at RM6.00, with 3 pieces of tender, spiced coated chicken, some squid rings and loads of vegetables was most satisfying! The curries and dhall is just as good as most banana leaf outlets too.

UnkaLeong needed his Char Kuey Teow fix, and I tried to dissuade him at first when I saw that the stall has a paper pasted saying “No Pork“. I mean; heck, what is Char Kuey Teow without lard?

Hup Soon SS3

But I ended up literally having to eat my words/kuey teow, for though it is not as good as Robert’s in Say Huat, Section 17 , this was nonetheless an edible alternative.

At night, the Chinese style WESTERN FOOD (think chicken chop, fish and chips, lamb chops with fries & a few pieces of fresh greens) is pretty decent as well.
Pictured here is the lamb chop. (Yeah, you can’t see the meat underneath all that sauce but trust me, it was 2 BIG slabs!)

chic chop Hup Soon ss3

Other than the above, the Fried Rice stall is popular. Like any other chinese coffee shops, there is a chicken rice stall and some noodles stalls here. A good choice for a cheap satisfying lunch!

Mornings: Yong Tau Foo
Noodles (curry mee, char kuey teow, prawn mee, chee cheong fun)
Nights: Western Food

Hup Soon Restaurant
Jalan SS3/29 Taman University
47300 Petaling Jaya, Msia.