Green Apple SAMBAL Burger!!!

After I recovered from two weeks of acute continuous diarrhoea caused by eating a rotten fish head, I threw out my leftover adult diapers and wondered where I could have a hygienic meal…

but first Unka insisted on a trip to the De Luxe Retirement Home for old folks on 35, SS1/22 (JALAN BAIDURI) ..


“Diapers are expensive ya know..
” Unka grumbles as he lug the remainders of the diapers into the car.


*Roll eyes*…I was about to retort that he should have shared them instead with his weekly biking friends, cos for all ya’ know, they might appreciate the cushioning effect it provides from the impact while navigating the bumps & curves along the hill trails.

Anyhow, with 10kg weight loss and after 2 weeks of Unka’s recuperation cooking, I focused instead on getting some NUTRITIOUS REAL food & decided, that roadside burgers nowadays are pretty hygienic no?

Especially one in the outskirts of an un-heard of area of Kemensah, at the back of ZOO NEGARA, lighted by one GREEN florescent bulb. I’m sure the Sous Chef can see that the patties are cooked just right by such ZEN lighting.

zen lighting

After all, I zapped to recovery from my fever after The OM.
So apparently, burgers are my recovery food.

More famously known as Ana’s burger, the maestro at the grill is Ana’s hubby.

order sheet

Ana tsk-ed tsk-ed when she heard of my most unfortunate incident & proceed to assure me that the best remedial spices and ingredients are used in the preparation of her burgers & I should be on my way to recovery in no time at all.

Thick mustard, Leas & Perrins sauce and nutritious protein-licious EGGS are the way to go, she said sagely. I, in turn, nodded obligingly.

Shake some pepper on ’em.. Ana says. In ayurveda, it is a known drug for treating digestive disorders.

shk some pepper

Mustard are great too, she went on.. “It increases appetite and also stimulates the internal organ to secrete different enzymes”..

top some mustard

But nothing beats some kick-ass homemade sambal, the absolutely remedy for diarrhoea, Ana whispered conspiratorially .

tandoori sauce

So spoonfuls were spread over my medium-rare beef patties…


Coupled with mustard underneath, the beef patty were seared again.
I licked my lips in anticipation…

Iron!! Good for women! Ana explained.
 sambal-ed patty

Freshly hand-cut vegetables (Ana insisted that using graters made ’em veg watery & swore by the hand) a mix of cabbage & lettuce for fibre, & lastly, onions to dispel the wind.
 top the cabbage 1st..

Squiggles of mayo.
“You need some flesh on you”, Ana glared at my emaciated frame.

Black pepper, tomato and chili sauce were then squirted over the towering mountain of vegetables..
the dress-up

We ordered the Kahwen & Ding Dong version, where the egg is cooked bull-eye-d instead of the customary omelet wrap-over the patty kind..

And for Kahwen (kahwin or malay for marry/marriage), 2 patties of both chicken & beef are alternated with an egg.

Apples, Ana went on to explain, can counter constipation and diarrhoea.

Cost of medicinal burger?

To be taken as many times a week as possible, BEFORE meals of course.
BITE ME for the disclaimer!
I got tagged by Sean of Eat Drink KL & was given the above “diarrhea line” to begin my post..God knows how he came up with rotten fish head & all ;p

Nevertheless, I get to tag someone now!!

So….HairyBerry.. the song that’s been in my head for the past 3 weeks…
Ya gotta start ya’ next post with…

I know you want me (want me)
you know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)


Rumba (Si)
Ella quiere su Rumba (Como?)
Rumba (Si)
Ella quiere si Rumba (Como?)

The music blared & I was shaking ‘mah hips when….

Good luck Hairy! ;p

And for DIRECTIONS to Ana’s Burger Clinic, click HERE.


More pictures below as Ana treated us to a complimentary TANDOORI ROTI JOHN.

Mincing the patty….



‘ala Murtabak..with egg and spices mixed in a can..

 cookin the R john

Poured onto the hot plate….




4 cuts for the 4 of us… *burps*
burger John
With cheese...

w cheese

The normal one (NOT DING DONG)
the normal

Succulent moist patties, soft runny eggs and perfect ratio of sauce & spices coupled with correct timing on the grill, the burgers here are the ULTIMATE.

Of course, do ask for more of the green apple and sambal, which definitely adds to the taste of these WONDERFULLY HEAVENLI-CIOUS burgers!

Me thinks another trip is warranted..after all, Ana did say to go for a follow-up check up..WHO’s WITH ME???

And yes, to answer your Q, Unka do happen to have a box of diapers at home. And NO, I do not know what are they for….weekly biking trips perhaps?? ;p