FOOD: Yong Tau Foo Eat and Happy – the “NEW” Old Wing, 1 Utama

Apologies for the hiatus on the FOOD @ the “NEW” Old Wing, 1 Utama series! Trust me, I have been continously exploring the other new food outlets at the “NEW” Old Wing, 1 Utama. And now I’m back with materials and pictures for another 5 posts!


Out of the many outlets, one that stood out was this “needs lessons in branding” Yong Tau Foo Eat and Happy kiosk right in the middle of spanking new Lower Ground floor, 1 Utama.

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-7
While it’s name and outlook doesn’t inspire visions of “culinary satisfaction”, the food (or rather the ones we ordered) proved us otherwise!

We sampled the Homemade U-mian Noodle with Fish Paste and another dry version of the U-mian that came with a piping hot bowl of soup with plump dumplings (wantans).

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-4

Seriously, I’m a sucker for la mian/u-mian and homemade fish paste or fishballs and I’m most inclined to order it if I see it on any menu. My bowl came filled to the brim wth flavorsome soup and smooth u-mian. Unlike the ones that tasted “floury” or cooked too soft, every strand of this u-mian provided  a toothsome bite.

Portion was generous too for the price we paid. I couldn’t finish the thick slabs of fish paste in my bowl which was a pity as the fish paste was really good; substantially fishy in flavour & has a very handmade texture.
For RM8.50, I calculated 5 thick fish pastes, huge coils of u-mian, heapings of minced chicken in soy sauce (not unlike those you get on top of your pan mee, but this version was lean chicken meat and was thankfully non-greasy), generous greens and a flurry of fried shallots that enhanced the flavour of the noodles when eaten together.

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-6

My dining partner’s dry u-mian was tossed in their blend of soy sauce & topped with similar condiments. His came with a separate serving of soup with 3 dumplings. The soup tasted slightly different, clearer in flavour versus mine and the dumplings was fishpaste based instead of meat based.

Note the minced chicken in soy sauce – non oily and lean chicken meat. *Thumbs up!*

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-5

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama

I have yet to sample the yong tau foo and would definitely re-visit soon. For our satisfying dinner, we paid in total less than RM20. The kiosk observes self-service so there are no service charges. Order, pay and get your food from the counter.

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-2

Simple, nice and satisfying food. Here’s an example of “Don’t judge an outlet by it’s look“. Or in this case, the name.  😀

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-3

yong tau foo eat and happy, 1 Utama-1

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