Food Place at Jubilee Recreation Ground, Kuching – for belacan beehoon & awesome desserts!

This small unassuming circular “food court” is just known as Jubilee Ground & it’s located near the school ground of SRK Chung Hwa No.3 School/DBKS office. Though small, it is a very popular place and is always packed; be it a rainy day or a hot day or weekdays or anyday!

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching

As you can see from the picture below, even the Malays dine here, although the stalls are all operated by the chinese. Could it be that the Malays here are more open-minded??

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching-2

The school right beside it.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching-1

We were here specifically for the desserts, and the BELACAN beehoon.

Yup, these plates of the local pungent, murky culinary creation are elusive in the Peninsular and there is no way I’m leaving Sarawak without trying it!


Everything about the belacan (fermented shrimp paste) beehoon lies in the stock/soup. Seriously, as you can see below; the dish is very very plainly just rice vermicelli (bee hoon), boiled cuttlefish, belacan stock & a shot of chilli paste.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-1

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-2

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-3

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-4

Yup, that’s it. My plate of Belacan Beehoon – RM2.50.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-7

Taste-wise? Well, think of belacan that’s diluted into soup form. Flavours is a complex amalgamation of slightly sweet, sour, fishy and all in all, it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact taste. Some of us thought it reminded us of “laksa”, which is not too far off, since the base of the soup utilized belacan.
Anyhow, I can assure you that eating belacan beehoon does take some getting used to! πŸ˜‰

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-8

Kuching totally tops the rest of the states for their innovative desserts. The popular ones are White Lady, Metahon, Lady Gaga (yes, you read right, funky isnt’ it??) and the tall glass you on the right below is given the moniker Shui Kuo Ping, or otherwise known as Fruit Ice. It consisted of nata de coco, fresh fruits & canned ones like lychees, papayas, etc. I just wish we have these concoctions back in our food courts & coffee shops in KL. Though sweet, it is still such a refreshing & ‘healthy’ drink no? πŸ˜‰

Desserts sansiu

The red beans used here in Kuching totally beats the ones we are served back in KL. These red beans are of a better variety & the beans retains its shape even when it is fully cooked. Soft and smooth, it was really pleasant to eat. So far, I only found the Stall No.42 in SS2 Wai Sik Kai that serves these red beans with their ais kacang.


Another thing that I realized, desserts in Kuching tend to have more ingredients per bowl. A simple bowl of dessert comes with chockful of jellies, beans, nuts, fruits and anything else you can imagine! Such value for money since each bowl ranges from RM2 – RM3.50 only.


Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon-6

The same dessert stall was churning plates after plates of fruit rojak hence we ordered a large one (RM6.00) out of curiosity. The rest thought it was ok but it just so -so for me as the dressing was really mild. It is almost similar to the Penang version, but lacking in “he kor” (shrimp paste) and chilli.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching-4

The desserts & rojak stall: Yeo Ah Leng.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching-3

The belacan beehoon stall: Ah Kheng.

Jubilee Recreation Ground, kuching - belacan beehoon

And again, we were very thankful that we had Pierce & Norman – the Sarawakian social media avengelists as our hosts during our Kuching adventure.We had such fun on our food hunts. πŸ˜‰ I certainly hope I get to return the favour when they are here in KL!

Food Place at Jubilee Ground, Kuching.
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