FOOD: Opika Restaurant @ 1 Utama, “The New” Old Wing – Organic food made tasty!

I’ve never been a fan of organic food, but that’s not because of it’s taste, but more due to its prices.

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I’m aware of all the organic and health goodness; trust me, I read a lot about nutrition as I’m a health nut. While I’m all for low-fat, less sugar and non-oily food, I drew the line when it comes to organic food. Somehow, I could never justify the prices to myself.

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Yes, your humble RM4 nasi ulam in Ramadan bazaars is RM30 + here. But keep in mind that you’re paying for organic ingredients here. And you would pay for superb Nasi Ulam right?

Nasi Ulam With Percik Chicken. RM30.00.

opika 1 Utama - organic food

Thankfully my RM30+ was well spent. The fluffy rice; generously mixed with fresh herbs, onion and bits of chilli  that gave me a jolt when I unsuspectingly chewed a mouthful of aromatic rice was excellent. The chicken was actually confit, hence the wonderful tender meat. The gravy that came with it was amazing, a delightful curry that wasn’t overly oily or overpowering with oil and spices.

We made exceptional choices that night as our next dish Swedish style Meatball with Mashed Potato – RM28.00 was just as satisfying.

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My sodium tolerance kicked in but my dining partner has no issues, so I must have been the only one who find it a tad salty. But I did appreciate the texture and taste. Juicy, firm and tasty meatballs, what’s not to like? 🙂
Anyhow, for For RM7 per meatball (there were only 4 meatballs on the plate), these meatballs better be good.

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The accompanying mash was wonderful as well, full of spuddy flavour and very freshly made. The gravy was robust with a tinge of bitterness that I detected but wasn’t quite able to pinpoint for sure what it was.

We ended dinner with the Green Tea Adzuki Roll where lovely layers of fresh cream and fluffy green tea sponge  met into an ensemble that was simply one of the best green tea cake I have had for a long time.

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Opika, 1 Utama-1

Curious to sample more, I went again 2 days after with another friend. This time we tucked into Opika’s pastas.

Linguine Pinenut Pesto And House Spiced Pan Seared Salmon. RM35.00.

opika restaurant 1 Utama-1

This was delicious. I’m a lover of pesto and though I wished it was less oily, the flavours were right and the salmon was cooked to the perfect degree, neither too raw or dry.

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The Carbonara Fettuccine with Grilled Chicken and Funghi – RM35.00 was a tad too creamy for me.

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But as per my previous Nasi Ulam dish, the chicken was beyond reproach, and remained consistently wonderfully tender and tasty. I had only a bit of pasta; and enjoyed the chicken and mushroom instead.

opika restaurant 1 Utama-3

Somehow, my dining partner chose the Green Tea roll again. Too bad they ran out of the Revised Blackforest with Brandy cake. I was itching to try that!

opika restaurant 1 Utama-5

Oh, this dinner was on a Saturday night, and Opika ran out of Chicken Confit and another dish that I can’t recall. I think that’s bad, as the menu is already so limited, and now the options were even more restricted, especially since Brian doesn’t eat beef and I have already sampled 2 mains before.
While I felt that the Nasi Ulam is expensive, I thought that the pastas were reasonable at RM30-RM35. Most restaurants pastas were priced around there anyways, and tasted much worse. Take Delicious for instance. If you have dined there, you’ll know what I mean.
Anyhow, there’s a 15% opening special now so do hop in if your pocket allows it. Food’s good for sure and the young chef certainly prepares each dish with much care and detail.

The service tax is currently at 5%. So far plain water is free of charge. I’m a mixed fruits juice lover but the prices of their pure organic fruit juices are RM12.90 – 15.90 each so I drank my warm water with gusto.
Opika Organic Market & Restaurant,
LG 105-106, 1 Utama (Old Wing ).
Tel: 03-7732-2581

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