Farni’s Nasi Kukus, Bukit Damansara – memang BEST!!

I’ve been blogging a post too many of pork.
To the extent that a fellow blogger (Malay) asked me at a recent event; “Eh, can blog about something that I can eat ah? Don’t you eat Malay food?”.

“Oh yes, I love Malay food! I eat Nasi Lemak almost every other day.” I replied.

“Err.. NL is Malay food right?”, I stammered when I saw him pause.

“Yes yes, but do recommend something not so common.” he said.

“Well, fret not,” I assured him, thinking of my back logs and folders of pictures; “I’m sure I can dig out something, watch out for my next post”.

So yeah, pushing aside all my drafts, I present to you one of the best nasi kukus to be discovered, with many thanks to skinny Leonard for the heads-up on this place. *muaks*.

I am assuming that Farni = Farid + Nani, since the bunting says
” Call for catering:
Farid 012 – 710 2206
Nani 012 – 223 2206″.

farni nasi kukus

Leonard gave a few warnings, one of which is to come early or risk watching them pack up.

To get here, look out for Pondok Polis Bukit Damansara near Plaza Damansara which is opposite CIMB Bank (there is a mosque nearby too), Farni’s Nasi Kukus stall is located directly behind it under a make shift tent. There is also a malay economy rice stall beside it & another coffeeshop-like outlet nearby.

pondok polis Bkt damansara

pondok polis Bkt damansara2

Within close vicinity of this police “station”, the aromatic scent of fried spiced chicken suffuses the air, and reassuringly tells me I am at the right place.

nsi kukus - Damansara1

Being there early (yes, I’m very kiasu when it comes to food), I got to watch how the rice was prepared.
Each individual steel bowls of rice was rinsed, the correct level of water added & steamed in these ‘Chinese’ tiers steamer.

nsi kukus - Damansara

Their ayam goreng rempah hit all the right notes for the prerequisites of a good fried chicken; moist, juicy with a lovely, deliciously marinated crisp skin.

nsi kukus - Damansara4

The rice was just as good; firm & loosely separated. Since it is plain on its own because this is not coconut milk infused, this is where you should be liberal with the superb daging masak hitam (beef in soy sauce?) & tasty fish curry.

Be sure to ask for more of the red chili sauce too, it’s knock-your-socks off spicy & a chili lover’s dream.

nsi kukus - Damansara5

My RM5 nasi kukus. 1 chicken drumstick, 1 piece of beef, liberal amount of curry, cucumbers & ladyfingers. Very filling & absolutely gratifying.

nsi kukus - Damansara2

So the next time you happened to be in Damansara Heights at noon & budget happens to be a bit tight for the eateries in this area, look for the police station. This pondok has got a hidden gem ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nasi Kukus Farni, Bukit Damansara
Call for catering:
Farid 012 – 710 2206
Nani 012 – 223 2206

Weekdays – 12pm to finish.