Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza – Pork burgers, sio bee, kolo mee, kampua mee, Peking porridge, kueh chap!

What do you do on your last day in Kuching?

You tapau kolo mee back of course! LOL.

kolo mee - kuching

Yup, 10 packs – 5 original & 5 red (with char siew sauce). RM3.50 each. I wish I could buy more but seriously, these are heavy! (For previous kolo mee buying spree – click HERE . More pics!)

No doubt Kuching, Sarawak may not be in the league of Kuala Lumpur or Penang when it comes to shopping & entertainment, but in the food department, it does have a respectable repertoire of street food. And many of these Sarawakian culinary creations are unique, both in terms of taste & usage of ingredients.
Take for example the Belacan Beehoon which I just blogged about a few days back. You do not get these here in Kuala Lumpur, unlike Penang or Ipoh food, where nowadays there are many coffee shops that offers Char Kuey Teow, Ipoh hor fun & laksa.

Expert Food Court @RH Plaza was our last gluttony stop right before our flight back to good ‘ol KL. Located just 3-5mins from Kuching International Airport, the surrounding area boasts of several food courts & restaurants within its vicinity & is the perfect food pit -stop right before your departure.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza

And it was here I found one of the BESTEST pork burger ever!

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-24

It’s a small package yes, with raw cabbage and slivers of tomatoes..

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-22

… but it was the patty that matters. Perfectly seasoned, chunky and moist, it’s a steal for RM3.80!

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-23

*yums* Thick juicy pork patties being grilled till it’s crispy on the outer side and cooked nicely inside.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-8

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-7

Damn Aunty Lily, when are you going to franchise to KL??

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-6

Since this was our last stop, I had to order the dishes that I haven’t ate during the previous glutton hunts. And would you believe it, it was only on the last night and at the last food stop that I finally got to sample the Sarawak Laksa!

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-16

And it was sad that the laksa was darn disappointing. The broth was thin & weak, and the chilli lacked any oopphmm. The one in Bangsar is actually better, and I certainly didn’t even have to fly all the way to Kuching for that.

At least the Kueh Chiap fared better, with its flavourful herbal-ish stock. I know Chris Tock liked it, though I find it so-so only. My preference still goes to Penang Kueh Chiap.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-17

Thick sheets of rice noodles …

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-18

..with plenty of spare parts. YAY!!! 😉

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-19

The ears, the tongue, the skin, the intestines… waste not waste not!

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-13

Hehe, *wiggle ears* …

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-14

Another must -try is the Kampua Mee. The original is as below which is almost alike our KL Hakka Noodle; tossed with lard, the  and shallots and garnished simply with char siew and slices of boiled pork.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-25

My friend Pierre prefers his with wantans (meat dumplings) and tossed additionally with black soya sauce.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-20

He will then pour the little saucer of chilli and mix it all up.
Anyhow, however way or whichever way you eat it, Kampua Mee is a Foo Chow dish that falls under the category of “the must-eats” in Kuching. Trust me, the texture & taste of the noodles itself here is different. Add that with the mix of their own concoction of sauce, it certainly made the dish worth a try.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-21

We didn’t miss out on the 5 layer Teh C Peng (a local favourite drink that you can find throughout Sarawak) of course!
We had the 3 layer Teh C Peng just a day before (post not ready yet) and concluded that the 3 layered one tasted just like our regular teh tarik here so we were a bit apprehensive on how the 5 layer one would turn out.
But this 5 layer one did hit the spot for me. The layers comprised of gula melaka (palm sugar), condensed milk, green pandan, tea & lastly cincau & was not very heavy on the tea flavour but turned out to be a very refreshing “dessert-like” drink instead.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-15

And all that gastronomical goodness is here.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-4

The Kampua mee stall.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-12

The Kueh Chiap Stall:

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-1

The stall I tapau-ed (packed) my kolo mee from.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-3

The Sarawak Laksa stall.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-2

This was another interesting stall (Old Peking Porridge) but unfortunately we were bursting our zippers by then so sadly we curbed our desire to order anything more.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-11

More food…

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-10

The famous Sio Bee…

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-9

The Sarawak kuih-muihs..

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-5

Expert Food Court
RH Plaza Airport Road
GPS: N01° 30.22′ E110° 21.06′

It is near the Four Points by Sheration Hotel.

Expert Food Court @ RH Plaza-26

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