E42T: 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI – luscious PORK Burger, Nyonya Pork Belly Pong Teh & really spicy Devils’ Curry!

Impressed with the ribs and porky delights here during my last visit (read about the luscious ribs HERE ), I was thrilled when Sean blogged that E42T has since expanded their menu and one of the new additions includes a fat juicy pork burger.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-3

As usual, weeks turned into months as I tried to make time to come savour E42T’s pork burger.
Work’s been crazy lately; & although that’s a fabulous thing (more business is always awesome no?), it has left me with barely any time to catch up on personal matters; like my food hunts & my passive income business, Auruma International. For Malaysia, we’ve got our investment blog here; of which my article is 3 weeks due!

Gold and Silver making a comeback as legal tender  Auruma World

Yes, work’s been a bitch. And when the going gets tough, the tough gets eating! 😉
Skewed philosophy I know, hehe, but it works. After all, who won’t be cheered with this in their hands?

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42 East Restaurant & Bar’s Pork Burger (RM22++) is a huge ensemble of thick juicy patty, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes & lettuce sandwiched in a specially made bun. The bun was neither too doughy or dry and was just of the right texture to eat with the patty.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-1

Here’s a cross section shot! Hungry yet? 😉

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-6

And another one; just because I want to make you drool….

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-4

The patty was good. It has a good ratio of meat to fat; and thus effectively ensuring that the patty retains its juiciness & moisture. I’m loving the pickled condiments it came with too; for that imparts a level of piquancy to the whole burger, rather than the normal bland lettuce leaves & slices of tomatoes. It’s worthy to note that they were generous with the sides of fries and vegetables as well.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-2

Overall, I think it’s pretty value for money; with both factors of quantity & quality taken into consideration. All of this goes for RM22++.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI (3)

IMHO, nothing beats Andes’ Pork Burgers that comes in the price range of M13.90 – RM15.90. Still, this one was way better than D Legends’ Bar, TTDI (review still in draft *sigh*), SMores Bar Restaurant in Bangsar South (review still in draft! *sigh sigh*) & Brussel’s. And you do not have to wait for nearly an hour for your burger, like how a few friends reportedly did when they went to Nambawan.

As I was really hungry, I added an order of the Peranakan Pork Belly Pong Teh as well. I mean, how could anyone resist the words “pork belly” ??

Pork Belly Pong Teh (RM16) – tender pork belly with alternating layers of melt-in-the mouth fat & chunks of potatoes that has absorbed all the spices and flavours of the gravy. Best eaten with rice I reckon.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI (2)

Orders generally took a while to be served, of which I would like to assume it means that the dishes are not pre – cooked & then warmed up prior to serving. The Pork Belly Pong Teh however,  met with my disapproval as it was sodium laden enough to pickle the whole bowl. I’m of low sodium tolerance yes, but even my dining & fellow business partners Daniel & Nigel concurred on my verdict.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI

Anyhow, the pong teh was immediately replaced when I voiced my displeasure to one of the waiters. Good service indeed. I’m happy to report that the new bowl of Pong Teh was of much bearable salt levels & tasty enough to recommend.

The Pork devil curry is a must for those who love their food with heat. This one packs enough to knock down anyone who are of less fiery tolerance. You are forewarned.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-8

While I agree with Nigel that using smoked bacon back soft ribs makes all the difference in this dish, I do hope that the chef could reduce the sodium levels. It was too salty for me but I guess it would be alright for everyone else if you were to eat it with a lot of bread.

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-7

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-9

Well, it’s one happy fruitful meeting with a solid business model, good food & fabulous business partners. Let’s hope I get my trading on Auruma International going now that I’m all geared up to go!

For more details on Auruma International – check it out HERE!

E42T’s newly revamped menu:

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-11

E42T 42 East Restaurant & Bar, TTDI-12

And some cupcakes from Just Heavenly Pleasures for a sweet end to the meeting.

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42East (Forty Two East),
42, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
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