Duck Teriyaki anyone?

I think duck teriyaki is a VERY good idea.
We have chicken, beef, lamb (*YAWNS*) & so yeah, why not duck? Of course anything porky is welcomed but still, duck teriyaki sounded like a very cool dish.

Hence my barely contained glee when I stumbled upon a blog post that highlighted Yokozuna’ s Kamo (duck) Teriyaki.

Never mind that I barely heard of this place.
Never mind the fact that no other trusted foodies had breathed a word of the food here.
I threw caution to the wind, cos I was just thrilled to bits at the very novel idea of duck teriyaki.

Yokozuna - shop

I left the office, with the particular blog post still showing on the PC screen, & zoomed over to Damansara Uptown.
The blardy maze of Uptown took me a while, but I finally found it & double parked directly across.

Stepping in & without looking at the menu, I placed an order for Duck Teriyaki & drummed my fingers impatiently for it to be served.

Kamo Teriyaki
. RM16.80, 10% service charge applies.

duck teriyaki set

The set came with sides of chawanmushi, sushi, some pickles, miso soup, fruits & rice.
But of course, the highlight was supposed to be this.

kamo - duck breast

Now, I’m not trying to sound like an expert, but I am somehow able to, (to a certain extent) more or less guess the taste of the food just by looking at it.

And this portion of duck got all warning bells clanging & screamed adjectives of ‘overcooked‘, salty & tough.

kamo - duck

And the first bite confirmed my suspicions.

After futile attempts of dainty biting to tear apart a slice, I gave up & yanked the piece of meat between my teeth & fingers before it finally gave way & split into 2.
My short-lived relief came to a halt once the meat hit my tongue, for it sent all my salty taste buds into a frenzy. No prize for guessing why.

And as if that wasn’t torturous enough, I had to chew for a full 3 mins before that offending piece was finally disintegrated enough to be swallowed.

Horrified, I pounced on the miso soup & took a sip in hope of washing away the taste. The miso soup turned out to be as sodium-laden.

Sigh. The chawanmushi was the only agreeable item on the platter, other than the papayas. I attempted another slice since I was very hungry, but the saltiness got the better of me & I gave up.

So I ta-paued it back, (hey, it cost me RM18.50 in total after tax, didn’t want to waste my hard earned cash) & ate oats to fill the remaining void in my stomach.


Yokozuna has about 8 different lunch sets daily for RM12.90 or thereabouts. I only had the duck teriyaki, so I can’t pass judgment on their other offerings.

set lunch

I certainly HOPE the other ala carte items and set lunches fares better.

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant
24G Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 77299679

Pork Free
1130am – 3pm
530pm – 10pm

below: Dining area, teppanyaki grill, sushi bar.