Dim Sum Brunch @ Five Sen5es, Westin KL – non-halal dim sum buffet

For a full pork UNLIMITED dim sum feast in an air conditioned environment, do head over to Five Sen5es, Westin KL.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL

This dim sum brunch has been on-going for quite sometime, but it was only recently that I had the time to drop in and savour the amazing egg tarts, charcoal smoky char kuey kak (fried carrot cake) and fatty siew yok (pork belly). And if I may add again, in UNLIMITED portions.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-004

Ask the chef to cut up a whole duck if you wish! Come to think about it, I think a lot of people did, since the BBQ section emptied pretty quickly! πŸ™‚

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-005

BELOW: Crispy skin, fatty pork belly – a bit chewy for the fat part though.

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-003

Char Siew: A lovely smoky charred flavour, caramelized-ly sweet and tender.

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-004

I didn’t do a good job trying everything out from the menu as there were only 4 of us and we have limited appetite.

However, I did greedily attempt to sample as much as possible!

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-001

Give me this, give me that and give me all of that too! πŸ˜€

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw

I had the standard har kaw, siew mai, steamed fish balls, pork ribs and BBQ pork buns. The pink balls you see below is the beef balls, something a bit different from the norm. Overall, the steamed dim sum were alright; fresh ingredients and adeptly made. I suggest to eat them all piping hot, as I find them a tad hard once they cooled down.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-015

The pork ribs were worth second helpings.

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-005

As well as the Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup! It’s packed with a deep herbal flavour and soup does taste as if it’s been boiled for long hours.

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-002

There’s a Yong Tau Foo station as well but I didn’t like it as the items was overly fried. From the wok station I ordered blanched vegetables with oyster sauce; a daily must for me to meet my fibre requirements. It’s good that there was such options here.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-016

Live stations for chee cheong fun, congee (choose from chicken, salmon, etc), noodles and Teow Chew porridge ensures freshly prepared dishes for the guests.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-012

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-011

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-008

Westin dim sum brunch

The Teow Chew section is amazing.. look at that braised pork, tofu and eggs!

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-009

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-010

The baked dim sum section is really good as well. The egg tarts are amazingly luscious; rich and flaky. I’m very fussy about such rich food, but I thoroughly approve of this!

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-006

Spring Onion and Hunan Ham Pancakes, Black Moss, Water chestnut and octopus in katafi pastry, Honey Baked Bun with Pork Char Siew, Classic Oven Baked Salted Egg Yolk Puff.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-019

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-020

On the day I was there, the chinese desserts are chilled longan and black glutinous rice. Other desserts are traditional kuih as well as chocolates and cakes.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-022

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-021

The Char Kuey Kak is pretty good as well.

westin dim sum brunch - five sen5es - rebecca saw-007

The dim sum brunch isΒ RM48++ on weekdays and RM68++ on weekends. For big eaters, this is the perfect porky-licious dim sum for you!

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-002

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-007

Enjoy all the hot dim sum with the Chef’s specially made in-house sauce.

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-018

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-017

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-003

Dim Sum Brunch @ Westin KL-008

So is anyone heading there soon? Bring me along ok?
I got the Starwood Card so we can get some discount so bring me! πŸ™‚

Simply Dim Sum Lunch @ Five Sen5es, Westin KL

All you can eat Simply Dim Sum
Monday to Friday – 11.30am to 2.30pm
RM 48++ per person
Sat – Sunday – RM68++ per person

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