Dim Sum at Dragon Gate Dim Sum Restaurant, Kota Damansara

I would love it if all of you could share with me your favourite dim sum joints, as I do love my dim sum and it’s something that I can eat everyday if time permits!
A favourite of many is the one at Jalan Ipoh, which frankly I won’t eat there even if you pay me to.
Another is the chain of Jin Xuan and Hong Kee. I find Jin Xuan “Ok” but rated a “No-no” for Hong Kee.

Surprisingly I have not tried many of the dim sum in the hotels, though I reviewed a lot of hotel buffets, CNY dinners and F & B promotions. I’m getting a Starwood card soon, and that should cover some of the hotels I that I planned to sample for their dim sum!

I have no idea where to head to for my weekend dim sum fix this morning. But last week, by popular suggestion, this Dragon Gate outlet was recommended by a few friends. Intrigued, I headed over to test it out myself.

I like the large, spacious outlet and the outdoor dining space immediately. We were served pretty quick, but do note that I was pretty early as well; turning up at about 8.30am.

As per the usual, a fella came around with a huge tray stacked with containers of piping hot dim sum. I chose the regular favourites of char siew pau, siew mai, fishballs, prawn dumplings with scallops and a bowl of porridge. Everything was within the price range of RM4.00 – RM6.00. Not too expensive but not exactly cheap either.

Dim Sum Dragon Gate-001

The siew mai with salted egg was alright, and the same verdict goes for the char siew pau (BBQ Pork buns) and the prawn dumplings. The dim sum here falls in the category of “Ok, decent. can eat, can’t complain but not particularly memorable” category.  The Garlic Pepper Fish Balls was something I would recommend though; bouncy and imbued with real flavour of fish.

The porridge was good; smooth and flavoursome with no added seasoning required.

I’m a char siew pau addict and although this wasn’t perfect, it was close. It just needed a bit less fat, tone down on the sweetness level and more meat.

Dim Sum Dragon Gate-006

I should make my own BBQ Pork Buns. Hmm…food for thought.

Dim Sum Dragon Gate-004

This was something that a fellow foodie Jason recommended. The Shanghai Rice Sheets fried with Shrimps. RM6.00. He advised us to eat it when it’s hot as the sheets clumps up once it cooled down.

It was something of a novelty and definitely worth ordering if you’re here.

Next was the Siew Loong Pau or Xiao Long Bao – Shanghainese Meat Dumplings. It took forever (about 5 reminders and 40 minutes) to arrive at our table. If it was my order I would have thrown a fit but since it wasn’t (I’m not a fan of siew loong pau unless there’s foie gras inside – just like the ones I had at Sky on 57 by Justin Quek in Marina Bay Sands :P) I occupied myself with the other items on the table and figured that if it still wasn’t served by the time I’m done, then we will just leave without sampling it.

Dim Sum Dragon Gate-015

Good? Ermm.. I don’t think so. It was too salty for me but I concur with my breakfast partner that the broth within did boast of a hearty and rich flavour.

So will I return?
Maybe. And if I do it would be for the Bacon Rolls with Honey Sauce, Spinach Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun and Sweet Potatoes and Yam Cake. Time to sample some of their less ordinary items!

Dragon Gate Dim Sum Restaurant,  
1-1, Jalan PJU 5/3,

Dataran Sunway,
47810 Kota Damansara
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel No : +6017-626 7026

Hours: 7am to 3pm daily.

Directions:  (if you’re coming from LDP)

Drive pass the turning into The Curve on your right. Go all the way straight and pass Palm Spring Condo. At the next traffic lights, turn right. This is where Giant looms ahead. Look on your left for the shoplots and you will see Dragon Gate. You can’t possibly miss it unless you’re still half-awake.

Dim Sum Dragon Gate

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