Crumbs, Pavilion – Yummy frozen yogurt and scones!

I’m a lover of froyo and I have tried almost all the froyo chains in KL. From the usual suspects of Tutti Frutti, Snogurt, MooCow and Spoon, MooCow remained my firm favourite til today. Prices are reasonable, portions are good and though they only have 2-3 flavours at one time, I love MooCow for its taste and texture; which is to me, perfect as it is not too icy nor creamy.

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So here in Pavilion KL, a new-comer to the block is Crumbs, taking over the now shifted-over-to -KLCC Durian Durian (of which I’m pretty fond of as well since the durian ice cream rocks!).

Crumbs which originated from Hongkong  has successful build up to 8 branches in Hong Kong within 2 years from the time they started in 2009. Malaysia is the second country to hold the franchisee and Crumbs primary offerings are pure frozen yogurt and freshly baked in-store scones.

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Thanks to, who is running a current promo with Crumbs (check it out HERE –> ) I got the opportunity to sample some myself today.

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Here in Crumbs Pavillion, they offer 24 choices of toppings that are freshly prepared daily. The toppings includes fruits like strawberries, mango, peach, blueberries, lychees (which were my top choices as these are healthier and natural) and fun toppings like mini meringue, marshmallows, digestive biscuits, M & M, nata de coco as well their signature house crumbs.

Crumbs Pavilion1

Crumbs frozen yogurt is made with no added water as well as no added ice. Their scones were surprisingly good too, produced with the type of quality that one would expect from a home-baked enterprise rather than a commercial outfit like Crumbs. I guess premium ingredients is the key factor here; as Crumbs uses USA plump raisins, imported chocolate beans, and Australian Parmesan cheese in the making of their scones.

My preferred scone is the Chocolate one; (surprise surprise, since I do not fancy chocolate in the first place), followed by the cheese and lastly the original – raisin.

Crumbs Pavilion

Each scone was impressively moist but not overly greasy and struck the perfect balance in both sweetness level and flavour. *Thumbs up*!

While I’ll still stick to MooCow for my froyo fix, Crumbs comes a close second. I certainly won’t mind a Crumbs yogurt if I’m in Pavilion, especially one that is LOW in FAT & comes topped with FRESH strawberries, mangoes and blueberries! :P

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We did sample a few choices of combination of the frozen yogurt during our session….

Crumbs Pavilion - yogurt and scones-5

……………but at the end, I stuck to my healthier choice of berries and some green tea mochi.

Crumbs Pavilion - yogurt and scones-4

Crumbs Pavilion - yogurt and scones-3

*Burps* One LARGE one like this filled me up for about 3 hours. Not bad eh?


P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL (near the Pavillion Food Republic)
Tel: 603-21416020
Tel: 012-2051970 (CEO: Jaymie)

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Price: RM2.90 each
Flavours: Raisin, Cheese and Chocolate.


RM 11.00 (Regular with 1 topping)
RM 12.90 (Large with 2 toppings)
RM 1.50 (Each additional toppings)

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