Crayon Burger – Subang SS15

Walking into Crayon Burger, I was first struck by how large and spacious the outlet is. Well, larger than myburgerlab and Burger Junkyard for sure.

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crayon burger - ss15 -011

Next was how stupid the menu is. A menu that doesn’t explain anything about the burgers; cheese? egg? onions? lettuce? I can’t tell!

crayon burger - ss15

Instead any explanation required would be by the cashier lady behind the counter. Which brings to question – why would you want to explain each and every burger on the menu to every customer and how would that work during peak hours? In addition to that, she manages the payment as well.
And the best part? By the time she rattled on the 4th burger, I couldn’t remember what was in the first one already.

Shaking my head in disbelief, we chose a Classic Crayon with chicken patty and a The Boss Beef, with beef patty of course.

crayon burger - ss15 -013

The usual bottomless routine applies here, and even for same for the ketchup and chilli as well as well as tissues. Basically, the tables are bare.

crayon burger - ss15 -014

The wait is short (thank god) and our burger arrived barely 15 minutes after our order.

At the first glance, the burgers didn’t look appetizing at all. I had thought that the colourful buns would have help in making it visually pleasing but it didn’t. Instead it looked rather pale and boring. But of course, the verdict is in the taste.

The Beef Boss – beef patty, wasabi mayo, fried egg, onion rings & Swiss cheese with vegetable bun.

crayon burger - ss15 -001

Crayon Classic – chicken patty, onions and cheese.

crayon burger - ss15 -002

First up, The Beef Boss. The bun doesn’t carry much flavour and wasabi mayo is very mild.

crayon burger - ss15 -005

While I like how the patty is ground meat mixture and moist , the beef patty falls really short on flavour. I suspect it could be the type of beef used and frankly, it could really do with more seasoning to be palatable.

crayon burger - ss15 -007

Oh, Crayon Burger has their own special sauce too; creamy and slightly sweet.

crayon burger - ss15 -009

The red yeast bun is sweeter and had more flavour than the vegetable one for sure.

crayon burger - ss15 -004

The chicken patty wasn’t too bad. This combination of onions, cheese and sweet tomatoes (just like the ones in myburgerlab) made it palatable enough.

crayon burger - ss15 -006

crayon burger - ss15 -010


The fries – pretty decent actually.

crayon burger - ss15 -003

I don’t have much to say further really. All in all, it falls short of a very good burger in my books. Disclaimer –> my books.

Anyhow, that was just 2 burgers. I might return for the other ones if there’s anyone who’s game to try it. So do let me know if anyone here wants to go ok? 🙂

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Crayon Burger,
38, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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