Craft Brews : The Food

Note: We started the night with some craft beers but since the post is not ready yet, I’ve decided to post on the food 1st.

Food arrived soon after the beers; which was a blessing because the alcohol was gnawing at my stomach linings.

A complimentary cup of piquant Minestrone – like soup started us off on the right note & set the precedence for the sinful array of food ahead.


My favourites πŸ˜› were the Spiced sausages in bacon skins (RM18), Caramelized Roast Pork II (200g of siew yoke!! – RM16) and Crispy Bacon Streaks (RM14).

crispy bacon

The crisp bacon on the bloggers’ night (back then in oct 2009) wasn’t too memorable & I was pleased that it has improved since. Seriously, the cook does a damn good job in the frying department. Beautifully crisp yet wasn’t dried out nor chewy, it disintegrates in the mouth minus much resistance.

And the sausages!! Boy, was I glad I wasn’t fed those awful generic, rubbery, dense wieners.
This wiener has it’s juices exploding in my mouth once the skin is popped. Bliss.

pork sausages

I seriously love the texture, which reminded me of those of bratwurst.
sausage texture-1

If I have to share any good childhood memories, it would be this. During festive seasons, a whole pig is ordered, offered (to the gods), and then chopped up to be distributed among the devotees. Moi here, squats eagerly by the chopping board, and cut myself any parts I fancy. One such part was always the tongue πŸ˜€
The day after, steamed mee koo (pink tortoise shaped buns) & remants of the pig would be stir- fried with bird eye chillies and plenty of thick soy sauce. I love this & the craving for this “oldie” dish has never waned.

siew yoke1

Admittedly, I had better ribs, but this one here ain’t far off the mark.
Malt & maple ribs and the honey mustard (full serving at RM35), was tender enough but it would have been better if the marinate has permeated the meat more thoroughly. Anyhow, I appreaciate variety & here, they offer something out of the ordinary rather than just plain boring BBQ.
The wedges deserves raving reviews. I reiterate, the cook here is to be recommended for his deep frying skills.
Gorgeously fluffy inside and perfect crisp on the skin, this is one of the best wedges I have had.
Lovely, cos I love my carbs. :mrgreen:

craft brews ribs

For those who know me, you can imagine my impish grin when I saw the burger. First question was “Is it Pork??”. πŸ˜†

craft brews pork burger

What hits me most about the patty was the nicely charred and smoky flavour imparted from the charbroiled method of cooking. A good thing, as this was the differentiating factor from most other pork burgers I have tasted.

burger texture1

The whole ensemble suits me fine, not too oily, a good bun and topped with a nicely non -dripping with oil egg (my fav!). All for RM26.

I think I know where I’ll be hanging out more often with my drinking buddies now πŸ˜› At least I’ll be occupied with bacon, wedges and weenies while these drunkards poison their livers! Hahaha..