Chicken Rice at Loke Yun, Ampang

I don’t eat chicken rice that much, cos my first preference for a rice based meal has always been economy rice; be it chinese, malay or indian..hell, why settle for just chicken when one gets to plonk a variety of add-ons and eat them ALL at one go?
After all, I’m a gourmand, just as someone who’s been reminding me over and over again, even to the point of shoving a dictionary under my nose to make his point, of the difference between a gourmand and a gourmet.

Gourmet = a person who appreciates good food.
Gourmand = a person who eats all sort of rubbish.


Ok ok la..I’m a pig. Yar..why??

My interest in finding excellent Hainanese chicken rice in KL was only recently ignited after I tried this, & comments that poured in seemed to be leading to some really promising ones.
Suddenly I missed eating chicken rice. And with GPS ( a truly god- sent for people like me), nowhere seems too remote.

Ken has always been a reliable source of food hunts, and words like “Guang Ming Winner”, “Chicken Rice of the Year 2007”, “2008”.. really got me curious, “wa lau wehh..Pg also never had winner winner one…” “This must be excellent stuff”, I thought.

So another makan-makan session was organised, and barely 2 hours after breakfast we are on our way here with Horng & Pure Glutton.


As you probably would have read from their posts, I was overly excited..and ran into the wrong shop. The thing that hunger does to the mind, I tell you.

Anyways, at the correct outlet, we wasted no time placing our orders.

Half a corn-fed chicken RM30 – I find the meat a tad “tough”, apparently due to the fact that the chickens are allowed to run free & hence developed muscles??
Jeezz.. why can’t they just massage the chicken instead? Then we can have kobe chicken… or wait..was it wagyu?
A quarter “normal” chicken RM17 – less strain on the mouth muscles, more tender. My kinda of chick.



Seeing that our bill came up to RM60.60, I estimated the prices for the rest..
Rice RM1.50 – fluffy and fragrant with subtle ginger aroma.
Beansprouts RM3.00 – Nothing comment-worthy.
Soup – Complimentary – thin & tasteless.
Chilli sauce – it was a bit watery as well so do as we did, scoop out the chilli and less of the sauce. The blended ginger was fine.
Innards – RM5.00 – shiny, slithering smooth intestines and bouncy gizzards. A must order.
Herbal tea RM1.00 – Not overly diluted, with strong herbal taste. Good.


innard etc

Very clean and well organised work area.

I wish I could lug a jar home..

We almost cleaned the pot of chilli on our table among the four of us.
half bowl chilli

So there you go..“The Best Poached Chicken Rice 2008” recipient – Restoran Loke Yun.

Good? Really really good?
Definitely one of the better ones I have had, I admit.. but I am still not entirely satisfied with the texture of the chicken meat, even for the normal bird.

So what to do..have to eat more CR I guess..maybe Kong Sai in Puchong this weekend?