Butter me all over…

I’m love spending time at markets, be it morning or night ones.

There’s something about the motion & movement in the whole market place, the crowd (though I hate crowds, I don’t seem to mind them in markets), the bustling and lively atmosphere, the smell of fresh air & produce, the kaleidoscope of colours, the stalls selling everything from hair pins to roast pork; and of course, the sheer myriad of cooked food available at the most reasonable prices.

This is normally where I would spend a bomb, a bit of that from this stall, another pack of that from that stall, & yeah gimme some of that..looks good, oh..that too..never seen before eh? Ho chiak ah?

And so whenever I come back from the pasar malam, I would definitely have enough food to last me til the next day’s lunch. No joke.
But I digress.

Robin’s article in TimeOut KL this month caught my attention with the words “potato balls”. I tell you… I absolutely adore these.
In Penang, the best are at the Batu Lanchang market, afternoons only. Recent constant mingling with Pg floggers revealed one at the Weld Quay that dish out some seriously heavenly fried goodies that’s unbeatable, oil and all.

But then, that is Penang.

In kay-el, the hunt for my favourite snack is ongoing; I didn’t fancy the Petaling Street one as it got coconut flakes, likewise for the ones by I love yoo (or something of that name, I can’t recall) that’s sold in Pavillion.

So hence a Sunday morning hunt to OUG. Clutching my copy of TimeOut KL. Walking every street in the area.

To cut a long story short, we managed to find the stall, albeit missing any signboards of “wan ping an” as described by dear Robin.

donut in process

I didn’t managed to catch her in action while rolling out the potato balls, but it was really selling like hot balls (pun intended)!
The balls were accounted for even before it was rolled, and I had to make my order and come back for it a good 30mins later.

Golden Hot Balls…

Soft, gooey insides…

It wasn’t sweet enough for me, I’m guessing she didn’t add any sugar in the batter mix or it could be the potatoes that she used. While I like mine pillow-y soft and porous in texture , this is the more densely gooey version.

And so, the hunt for the perfect potato ball continues.

Moving on…

The rings that people queue for.. more in demand than the LOTR’s…


fresh from the wok..

Dusted with sugar…

Ta-daaa! The ORIGINAL glazed. RM0.50 each

Better than J Co? Big Apple? oh no.. i hear you ask “Krispy Kreme”??

Sorry la..cannot compare.

The texture is completely different. Think J Co’s airy + fluffy + light bread-like texture versus the yu tiao (chinese crullers) kinda texture; soft but denser & slightly chewy.

This donut is more alike the latter. But it is good nevertheless.

Worth queueing up for? Nahhhh

butter me all over
It screams moist, rich and the wonderful aroma of real butter.
With the right ratio of salt and flour and butter; this is awesome. The texture still retains the airy “spongy-ness” required of butter cakes & I would think this to be one of the better hawker-sold versions you’ll get in KL.
There’s no stopping at one piece, trust me!

With a queue longer than the kilometres you need to run to burn these babies off…

go ahead…

be like us, stock up a few boxes!
For RM7.50, there isn’t much to complain really (other than the queue of course).

The chocolate version looks just as decadent, so maybe this coming Sunday?? πŸ˜‰