Brotzeit, Mid Valley – RM28++ SET LUNCH, Sausages, Apple Strudels & Pork Medallions!!!

This post adds together all the food I have consumed over numerous trips. And to answer a particular commenter in my previous post HERE; yes, we do pay for our meals. Leonard Foong is a friend & we (bloggers) are there to support him in the business, not leaching complimentary meals each time we are at Brotzeit!

This particular visit was a late dinner, hence the bad lighting & less than perfect pics.

A round of beer to start the night..


Pork knuckles (RM85), are a must.

brotzeit - pork knuckle

No German F& B outlet is complete without sausages in its menu & we took the platter (Wurstelplatte) consisting of spicy chicken sausages, pork bratwurst, mini pork cheese sausages, weisswurst  sausage, garlic sausage + sauerkraut as an all round tasting platter of what Brotzeit has to offer from its repertoire of sausages. (RM78)

brotzeit - sausage platter

All the sausages were scrumptious (as in you taste actual meat than flour/fillers!), and thankfully none was overly salty. One can definitely discern the quality of the blend of spices & meat that went into each casing of the sausage! If you are looking into trying out a variety of gourmet sausages on a plate, this would be a wise choice.


Kaiserschmarrn with plum sauce. It’s German pancakes cut up & served with sweet plum sauce. I love pancakes in general & this one is fluffy & sweet; good enough on its own or with the luscious plum sauce that came with actual plums.


Apple Strudel. RM22. My favourite dessert! A thin outer flaky layer encasing a nicely- balanced sweet stewed apples and almonds nibs. The best apple strudel so far for me, unless anyone care to suggest otherwise? 😉



Another visit, this time during lunch & I discovered that Brotzeit have lunch sets now! Pretty pocket friendly at RM28++, portions are hearty & options simple.

brotzeit MV - set lunch menu

But no meal here is complete without the pork knuckle (RM85). Good God, I’m always here with different groups of people each time, hence I’m really knuckle-fied by now!

Brotzeit MV - pork knckle

Crackly skin & soft fats.. absolutely sinful but who really cares? 😉

Brotzeit MV - pork knuckle fats

I chose the wholesome carrot soup as my appetiser, which was creamy & smooth with fresh flavour of carrots.

Brotzeit MV - carrot soup

Main was Pork fillet slices in herb cream sauce accompanied with homemade egg noodles. The homemade noodles/pasta looked like cute wriggly tadpole shaped dough & was al dente & creamy. The pork fillets were tender. Overall I was very pleased with my main.

Brotzeit MV - pork fillets with homemade noodles

Brotzeit MV - pork fillets with homemade noodles 1

Nothing to complain about the dessert, for I’m appreciative of the fact that desserts at Brotzeit are not overly sweet. The Bavarian Vanilla Creme w chocolate sauce & almonds has a texture almost alike panna cotta.


Knoblauchwurst/ Smoked Pork Garlic Sausages. RM38.
2 smoked pork garlic sausages with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut.

Brotzeit MV - smoked spicy sausages

It was only slightly spicy for my standards, but overly salty. Generally, I try to avoid anything “smoked” since I have low tolerance for sodium.

Brotzeit MV - smoked spicy pork sausage

We had the spicy pork bacon pizza again.

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen 1

Lastly, Dessert on the house, The Chef’s Special.

Brotzeit MV - chef's special


Another dinner before our movie screening last week..

Here’s the whole bunch of us supporting Brotzeit again! :heart:

advertlets at brotzeit

Some beer and the Samsung Tab to play with..

paulaner and samsung tab

Schweinemedallions/Pork Medallions. RM44. Grilled pork fillet medallions wrapped in smoked bacon served with fries & sauteed mixed vege.

Even the simple sides of fries were really good;very fresh & crisp with dustings of paprika. Worried at first that the meat might be salty due to the bacon wrap, I was pleased to report that I worried for nothing.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork medallions-1

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork medallions

Brotzeit Brot/ Bread. RM36.
Leg ham, belly bacon, emmenthaler cheese, onions, mixed bell peppers, boiled eggs, pickles, cocktail onions & tomatoes served on multi grain bread.


Simply put, it’s delicious gourmet sandwiches!

Brotzeit Mid valley - sandwich

Brotzeit Bretti/Best of Brotzeit Cold Cuts Platter.RM82.
Typical Bavarian mixed cold platter served on wooden board with pork belly, leg ham, hunter sausage, smoked chicken ham, obatzda cheese, mild green peppers & gherkins served with a selection of German breads.

Brotzeit Mid valley

Wonderfully rustic fresh bread to match the marvellous cold cuts.


Pork Bacon Pizza again!

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork pizza

I love spinach. Even more if it’s pizza-fied. Unfortunately it was an order for another table. I almost wailed when they took away. ;-(

Brotzeit Mid valley - spinach pizza-1

Ok, I was just joking there. But I would want to try this soon!

Brotzeit Mid valley - spinach pizza

Pricing is certainly on the higher side & going in a group on sharing basis is definitely advisable. End of the day, the price is justified by the ingredients & the taste of the food served.

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Delicious, Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh)
Lot G (E) – 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.

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