Brotzeit – German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Mid Valley

UPDATED: Pork Medallions, Sausage, the value SET LUNCH at RM28++ HERE !

Brotzeit opened with a bang on its 1st day yesterday.
And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s GOOD ok! Here are some people who went to try the food during dinner..

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For me, I happened to be in Mid Valley for a meeting during lunch & was given the opportunity to sample some of their signature dishes, thanks to Leonard Foong & the outlet manager Mr Mohan. 😉

Brotzeit Mid valley

What can be better on a hot afternoon than a glass of super cool & smooth Paulaner yea? :yes:


My focus was more on the FOOD of course. Super hungry after my meeting, I personally polished off half of this “fladen” , a special baked thin crust dark dough bread with toppings. The dark dough actually imparts a different flavour than the normal pizza dough. I loved the brittle crust and the gourmet toppings of PORK bacon, cheese and vined-ripened sherry small tomatoes. The chillis (bird eyes chillis!) packs a nice fiery punch. Definitely a great snack to go with beers!

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen 1

Below: Gourmet ingredients that made all the difference.

Brotzeit Mid valley - german pizza fladen

Understandably, the PORK KNUCKLE is Brotzeit’s signature dish. I’m no German food lover; yet I enjoyed it heaps!  It helps of course, to douse the tender meat with the full bodied, rich gravy.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle big

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle

Portions are huge & definitely meant to be shared. The sides were delicious on their own; the Sauerkraut (braised white German cabbage) was well balanced in taste – something commendable, as most Sauerkraut I’ve eaten either had way too much salt (and not necessarily good salt at that) or it’s too mushy. The lovely potatoes salads/mash was sourish appetizing & the fragrant fried onion rings on top were a nice added touch.

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle 2

The pork knuckle itself? Lovely crackly skin sheathing tender meat & melt-on-tongue fats within. Not bad for the 1st pork knuckle to be served at Brotzeit!

Brotzeit Mid valley - pork knuckle 1

Good food with fine beers are one thing, comfort & ambiance is another.
But no worries about that at Brotzeit as the management has devoted necessary attention for that aspect.
Brotzeit’s interior is welcoming with a ‘feel -good openness’ cleverly achieved by low tables and comfortable long chairs, unlike other restaurants that favours high back chairs and round tables, which tends to obscure the ability to see the whole area at once.

Dining tables are well spaced out too, providing ample walkway between the dining area & the bar for patrons to move about and socialise. Cute drawings on the wallboards added an element of playfulness, enough to elicit a grin & remind oneself to chill & relax.

Brotzeit Mid valley - interior

The bar.

Brotzeit Mid valley - beers

Al fresco area outside the outlet.

Brotzeit Mid valley - al fresco

High chairs & tables at the open air walkway, a much better choice than having it inside.

Brotzeit Mid valley - al fresco 1

Brotzeit seems to be the place-to-be in Mid Valley for its variant amount of German brews, great sausages and authentic German cuisine.  I’m aiming for the goulash and sausages next! 😉

Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant (same row as Spaghetti Grill, Chillis and Pao Xiang Bak kut teh)
Lot G (E) – 018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley City.

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