Betty’s MidWest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Aman Suria, an area alien to me until recent months, is suddenly such a delightful place.
Less parking woes, decent pricing for food (with the exception of Kayu) and lotsa new outlets to try (at least for me) makes this area my current favourite food haunt.

The Departure Lounge here is great for chilling out with a laptop, for the human traffic is considerable less compared to the Mt Kiara outlet. Likewise for JM Briyani which serves pretty decent nasi briyani.

Along this same row, Betty’s Midwest Kitchen finally opened several weeks ago.
Eve, whom I had acquainted from my Bellygood review outing, had told me of her plan to open her own restaurant when I met her at Food and Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2009 earlier this year.

Not entirely familiar with “Midwest” food, I dragged 2 friends along as soon as I could once I saw the place was in business.

Yes yes..the food’s all porky goodness too.


I love these cute wall boards below.

midwest kitchen

The menu explains of the outlet’s concept..


Sitting area both inside with air conditioning and alfresco, with free WIFI. Yea!!


The open kitchen, the bar and the cashier counter.

midwest kitchen1

A family run restaurant; Betty, the chef, mans the kitchen with her son, while Dad and Eve is in charge of front- line service.
All the recipes are originally midwest, as proclaimed by Betty, who had traveled & lived in the midwest of America for years with her daughter.

We didn’t order much that night since there were only 3 of us. Plus, we had a late 5pm lunch hence we settled for just 2 mains and 2 beers. Quiet and comfortable, it was a perfect place for a dinner meeting.

The Classical MidWest style Meatloaf, RM15.00, served with mash, peas and onions relish is their signature dish and highly recommended by Eve herself.


This was a really GOOD hearty dish!
Soft & moist, with the pork and beef juices oozing into my mouth with every bite, hhmmmm…I instantly regretted sharing..
Boy, if there’s a better meatloaf in town, please do tell me!


The mash is splendid, buttery smooth (though I do generally prefer the ones with bits of roasted skin swirled in) I don’t see a reason to complain about this version, especially with the bits of fragrant bacon on top.


We even polished off every single pea, for they are soft, fresh & sweet!!
Marvelous with the gravy, palatable even on its own really.
I wonder if these are Watties’? Sure aint those generic cheapo supermarkets brands.

It came with this beer sauce, which still reminisce strongly of alcohol, though the meatloaf is undeniably wonderful just on its own.


They have pork burgers on the menu, and never one to resist burgers, I forced my other dining partner to order it ;p

Pulled Pork Burger.
Shredded or ‘pulled’ pork, slow – roasted and braised in special sauce. Served in a bun with coleslaw and fries. RM12.


This somewhat reminded us of Chinese cuisine and my dining partner actually wondered aloud if he could ask for a bowl of rice to eat with this! LOL. That’s a chinese man for you!


Having said that, the flaky pork is flavourful, and the coleslaw was perfect in my books.
Lightly dressed, slightly tangy, fresh and crunchy, it’s just LOVELY really.


The way Midwestern-ers take their chilli sauce is with a dollop of mustard, I was told.


Personal attention from Betty herself. She enjoys going around and speaking to the guests whenever she could get herself out from the kitchen.
Yup, she personally sees to every dish that comes out from the kitchen. With such strict quality control, I certainly hope that the food remains consistent cos I definitely liked my meatloaf that night!


Dessert of the week was the apple crumble with ice cream that was again highly recommended by Eve herself.
Alas, my lack of exercise for the past month didn’t allow much room for indulgence, hence was duly turned down.
TS, however, who was neither concerned on his weight nor the time of the day, ordered a Frutti Ice Cream, RM6.50.
I stole a bite and concluded that the ice cream was nice and creamy, again not those cheapo brand ones.


2 Budweiser at RM24.00.
Eve said theirs is the only outlet that is allowed to display the Budweiser logo.


They do breakfast as well, but it is only available from 10am to 1pm on Sat and Suns.
I was told their pancakes are heavenly and their breakfast sets huge, “just like how an American breakfast should be” said Betty and eyeing me, added “You need someone to share it with you”.

She has no idea what a pig I am ;p


Betty’s Midwest Kitchen definitely got the thumbs up from me on my first visit.
I was keen for a re-visit and dragged Unka with me for their brekkie sets just last Sunday.
(Will post that review next!)

Meanwhile, you can check them out on their website –, follow their tweets (My, more and more dining outlets have twitter accounts!) and join them on Facebook.


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