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So is my RM50 Swiss roll justified??

Salt Caramel Roll. SGD18 + Tax SGD 1.80 = RM49.50.

Arinco King

A cottony lightweight Swiss roll; spread with a layer of caramel syrup with brittle caramelized bits, rolled up together with a thick layer of absolutely heavenly fresh whipped cream and lastly blanketed with the most awesome sticky sweet -salty combo of caramel syrup.

Desserts doesn’t get any better than this.


I couldn’t wait to have my first bite so I told the guy manning the counter to cut 2 slices of my roll on the spot for us before packing it.
Unexpectedly, he gave me 2 slices free instead and poured HOT caramel over it just before serving it to us. Thanking him profusely, I literally snatched the paper tray from him.

my 1st 2 slices..

Oh my, I could eat this everyday.. it is super-duper jaw dropping awesome!!
The cream was just insanely luscious and wonderfully smooth. I simply couldn’t get enough of it!
The vanilla sponge was ethereally light and cottony soft in texture, possibly airier than chiffon & definitely fluffier than the usual swiss rolls composition. I’m amazed just thinking of the technique or ingredients used to make it. You got to give credit to them Japs I tell you.

As with most desserts, it is sweet but what makes this a distinct winner was the salty finish that came with the caramel coating. I have never imagined sweet and salty to be paired so seamlessly in a dessert!

as good as it looks!

Packing my order.
The staff manning the counter was super busy but was intrigued seeing me snapping away busily at them that they would stop in mid action of whatever they were doing so I could get a better shot! Such friendly and nice people!

Arinco King

Utterly delicious Swiss Rolls. A must for desserts lovers if you are in Sg!

Arinco King
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard Food Hall #B4-60

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