Another show worth watching – KICK ASS!

Another GREAT movie for the laughs!

It’s opening tomorrow at the cinemas! Do yourself a favour and go watch with your friends & family (err…not entirely suitable for kids under 15 me thinks!) and get the mood going for a good weekend ahead. Seriously, my foul mood evaporated after watching it. Haha.. it’s hard not to be feel lifted in spirits after watching it 😛

Let me warn you though, I watched this under press screening so I’m not sure if it’s censored crazily for the public screening. The language is foul, the kids in the movie sure doesn’t act like kids, the parent in the movie (Nicolas Cage) is definitely NOT a role model and the gore plus blood makes your eyes widen and your mouth hanging.

And though I hate “unrealistic”, “overboard” movies, I truly enjoyed this one. It’s funny (ok, I’m a sucker for humour), it does have touching human/moral elements & HIT GIRL is sooooo COOL!!

I generally hate kids, but I don’t mind a daughter like her (see below) . Cool eh??? :mrgreen:

Kick Ass hit girl 2

Even COOLER no????? She rocks & she KICKS ASS!!!!!

hit girl

More of Hit Girl – played by (Chloe Grace Moretz – born February 10, 1997).

Kick Ass Hit girl 1

She is a mini pocket-size dynamite, foul-mouthed assassin and the cutest action hero ever! Finally a girl power role model who doesn’t have to relie on her BoObs! Her performance really knocks you off your feet as she kills, maims and curses in a nonchalant fashion.

This show is overall a fun, violently offensive comic book movie. The language is hard core. It’s not light cursing but the kind of filthy cursing that makes you twinge. Hehehe…don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Below: The dweebs of high school.
The middle dude is Kick Ass himself (Aaron Johnson) who plays Dave Lizewski, an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with very few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult but his personal trials is not that overwhelming either. In short, he’s ordinary, he’s nerdy, he can’t get any girls to notice him and he martubates at almost any slight sights of boobs.

Typical puberty period all teenagers goes through. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training. The thing is, instead of being a super hero for the sake of boosting his ego, his was for the very noble cause of helping others. Awwwwww……


Kick Ass’s laughable costume. A wet suit bought online!

kick ass1

This is how the characters looked like in the comic book. The costumes in the movie was as expected; almost similar.

kick ass

Another character worth mentioning is Nicolas Cage. Other than in Face Off, I have always thought Nicolas Cage was pathetic (or perhaps that’s cos his roles were always him playing the tortured, misunderstood male), but here in Kick Ass, he was actually pretty awesome as Big Daddy!

Ok ok, no more spoilers.

Go watch it yourself ok!! 😀

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