Another CROCS product giveaway!!

Results!! Thanks to all who took part!!

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 bottle of Soju = Victor Wong

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 can of bulgogi tuna =Running Andrew

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 can of kim chi tuna = JoyceW

Consolation prize : A RM20 Crocs voucher (from yours truly)  = Daniel Lee (love the scuba divers idea!)

Check your email for arrangements of your prizzeeees!!  😉

I’m back from Korea & just as I have promised; I got Korean stuffs to give-away!

Best answer out of the 3 chosen winners will get a Crocs shoe bag + ……

soju - crocs

A bottle of Soju (Korean liquor)!!

And the next 2 best answers wins a Crocs shoe bag + ……

tuna - crocs

a can of Bulgogi Tuna or Kimchi Tuna!

Cool eh? 😉 Very Korean!!

Today (27th July 2010) is the last day! So gimme your suggestions on:

Question: What would you like to hear and see from Crocs in terms of Product, Promotions and Events??


Good day all!
I’m leaving for Korea soon :yahoo: & just before I leave on Tues, I’m giving away THREE Crocs official shoe bag worth RM89 each. Yes yes, you will have to do something to get it of course. But hey, nothing in life is free ya’ know.

In the last contest I gave away ONE FREE pair of Crocs, out of my own initiative. Today, the Crocs shoe bags are sponsored by Crocs Malaysia.
However, since I’m going to KOREA, I shall again, at my own initiative, buy something Korean & throw in an extra freebie other than just the shoe bag. :yes:
I do not know yet what it may be, but it could be a Korean snack, a magazine, etc. Keep your fingers crossed that I find something unique 😉

So all you have to do, is to answer this one simple question; the best & most satisfying three answers will walk away with the prizes.

Question: What would you like to hear and see from Crocs in terms of Product, Promotions and Events??

Answer: ??

Now it’s your chance to voice your opinions to Crocs Malaysia. They will be reading your comments after all. I have heard a lot of people voicing their dislike for Crocs, & at the other end of the spectrum; their fondness for Crocs. Well, let’s play “Imagine you are a visionary Crocs employee ” & leave your answer to the QUESTION above in my comment box.

Below are some guidelines:

YES, these answers are acceptable:

Product: Prettier/feminine comfortable strappy 3inch heels/waterproof ankle boots (something “rational”, you get the idea?)

Promotions: Monthly contests for (insert idea).. , buy a pair & get a 2nd pair at 20%, Crocs gift vouchers, Crocs birthday vouchers of RM20 value for FB fans..etc.

Events: Selected Crocs stores tea party every month for 20 FB fans, etc..

NO, these answers only shows how *ahem*/immature you are. Bear in mind that this is a contest for those who genuinely want to win themselves some prizes, not an outlet for your *********.

Product: I want Crocs to stop selling these ugly shoes in Malaysia.. etc

Promotions: FREE CROCS for life..etc

Events: sponsor me FREE CROCS for my birthday party..etc

So give me a reason to buy something Korean for you! Give me some ideas for Crocs products, promos & events!

On a more serious note, below is an official letter of apology from one of the websites in Malaysia selling ‘original’ Crocs. Very severe action on fake Crocs distributors  have been taken over last 2 months by Crocs; confiscated over 120,000 pairs of fake Crocs from different states & travelling to all the states to do verifications. More reports will be out as soon as they complete the investigations with the Ministry of Domestic Trade.


You can do your part too by not buying the fake Crocs 😉

ps: Do check Crocs official online channels:
Twitter @CrocsMalaysia
Facebook page

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