Another Crazy X Mas Party at KY’s !

Many thanks to KY for having me again at his yearly X’ Mas party!

I had an awesome time last year, (read about it HERE!!!) and this year was no exception.
Do hop over to read KY’s full account of this year‘s party (HERE)! 😉

The Venue: KY’s humble abode.
That amazing wall mural was painted by the VERY talented Haze Long of
She does REALLY GREAT blog skins too so if you are bored of your current template & want a customised- truly one of a kind design, drop her an email!


The people: ..that made the event FUN.

the peeps!

The FOOD. (& free flow beers all nite sponsored by Heineken).
Tender lamb (yum yum yum), mango and coconut flakes spring rolls (i kid u not!), chicken in some cream sauce, rich brownies with dates, and HUNDREDS of sticks of satay.


The things
we do to keep ourselves amused throughout the night…. drinking Absinthe + beer from this contraption courtesy of Terence, the GOD.


The highlight of the party – The gift exchange session, which has always been a merry affair.
Expect some great gifts; like for this year -a set of Banana Republic Cocktail Shaker & Glass, a REALLY cool black, asymmetrical Rubic cube that totally spells ‘Haze Long‘ (she’s a pro at it!!), 2 ‘Tulen’ WarCraft sets, bak kua from Bee Cheng Hiang & some silly laughable ones (a milk box shaped clock that Horng was trying to offload all night..hahaha) and even cheeky ones (adult diapers!). All in the name of fun of course.

KY christmas

The rule of the game is very simple; each person picks a number from the box, and starting from the person with the number 1, he/she chooses a gift from the pile and opens it for all to see.
Whoever that is next is given the alternative of taking another gift from the pile or to “steal” from anyone that was before him/her that has already taken a gift.
The person whose gift is hijacked can then either steal from another, or pick a new gift from the pile.

The popular gifts: 2 boxes of ‘TULEN’ WarCraft, which I ‘hijacked’ off Terence.


The Rubic Cube which exchanged ownership like 10 times that night. It eventually deservingly went to Haze, who is probably the only person that could play it anyway. It was damn difficult!

the popular rubic

Elaine ( was totally ecstatic with her gift of 6 packets of Penang Laksa, kept chilled in a coleman, & was transported back to KL that very day from Penang by Yee Hou. Poor girl was deprived of Laksa for a year because she was in Singapore.


I lost the WarCraft games (can’t remember who stole it off me ;p) & in turn went for the cool Banana Republic Cocktail Shaker & Glass set.

banana republic shaker

Naturally, I lost that too, since it was a much much sought after gift that night, so I grabbed the GODIVA hazelnut spread off Tim Tiah!
While I was happily dreaming of Christmas morning brekkie of THICK toast with equally thick GODIVA hazelnut spread, KY kindly burst the bubble & saved me the calories. *wails!!*

I finally managed to hang on to this – & its something I really needed – a laptop sleeve! Woot!!

godiva and the laptop sleeve

As per tradition, the party went on till the wee hours of the morning, with the obligatory police visits, with this year surpassing last’s, since this time I think they came around more than they did last year!
At one point, the police actually came down to speak to KY! And all of us actually cheered when that happened! LOL.

It was great fun meeting with all the bloggers, some who are old friends, some reacquainted ones & some new. I certainly enjoyed the company & here’s to welcoming 2010 in a week’s time!!

Merry Xmas everybody!!

ps: some of the pics credited to KY as I got them off his FB album. Thks KY! ;p