Alessio, Publika – Pasta, Wood Stone Pizzas, Asian fusion – KL Restaurant Week 2013

The amount of eateries in Publika leaves one spoilt for choice. Alessio tries to please all palates; offering salads, soups, light bites of tapas and sandwiches as well as mains of pastas, Asian fare and desserts. Thus if you’re in a group and no one seems to know what they would like to have for lunch/dinner, walk into Alessio and be assured that there’s something for everyone.

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While the menu offers almost everything under the sun, the real highlight here is the wood stone oven, responsible for the lovely pizzas served here. Part of the winning formula is the dough of which the pizzas are made of; resulting in a chewy, tasty yet light crust. The crust elevates the pizzas at Alessio from just another ordinary, passable pizza to being a recommended order here.
The amount of cheese is not overly generous and the pizza packs quite a flavour though the toppings were simple.

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We were here to preview the KL Restaurant Week 2013 set lunch and dinner menu.
The set lunch starts at RM20 nett for one main and a dessert. Options of mains are Spaghetti Vongole, Grilled Vegetable Pomodoro for the vegetarians, Black Pepper Chicken for those who likes fowl play and Nasi Lemak Istimewa for the typical Malaysian.
The sweet ending is Orange Creme Caramel, a lovely glass of custard swimming in caramel with some orange zest hidden, topped with a segment of orange.

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Spaghetti Vongole. Generous amount of clams and pasta was just slightly softer than al-dente, which would suit most Malaysians.

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Nasi Lemak Istimewa. The sambal is more sweet than spicy and the rice nicely fragrant. A bulls-eye egg and a whole chicken curry drumstick ensured that this is a complete meal, not to mention value for money.

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We didn’t manage to sample the Grilled Vegetable Pomodoro, which is another pasta dish and the Black Pepper Chicken but moved on to try the mains from the dinner set.
The grilled Norwegian Salmon was good but if there’s anything that stood out for me here, it’s the breads. The side of foccacia for both the Chicken and Salmon was more than just a mere add on, but actually a very well baked foccacia, spread with a smear of garlic butter.

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Both mains are quite sizeable but my pick would be the Chicken Involtini, basically a roulade of chicken stuffed with chestnut, smoked duck and apricot. I enjoyed this since it is more complex (more ingredients and thus more flavours) compared to just a piece of salmon.

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But once I bit into a piece of the lamb (the next main), I changed my mind!
This tasty, tender, and big piece of lamb was cooked just right. I’m fussy with my meats and yet I had no complaints. At this stage I started wondering why isn’t Alessio operating to a full crowd at every meal.
A short chat with the manager revealed that indeed they do, and they had recently employed more local staff to handle the lunch crowd on weekdays as there had been constant feedback that the service is slow. On weekends, they enjoyed the family, couples and groups walk-in.

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Fruit juices, mocktails, coffee, tea and wines are available for your beverage pick.
I honestly think both the lunch and dinner menu for the KL Restaurant Week 2013 is worth the price tag of RM20 and RM50. In fact I’ll urge you to try Alessio if you’re in Publika area. Portions are big, flavours are decent and they offer a good variety of quality mains (by quality I meant lamb, chicken, pasta with clams, salmon and not just the fried rice sort) to choose from.

Bookings for KL Restaurant Week 2013 can be made from now til 29th September 2013.
Book here:

Alessio, Publika
A2-G2-09, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
+603-6211 2838
LUNCH: 11AM – 230PM; DINNER: 7PM – 1030PM

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