Alcoholic Gelato @KopiBar, Centrepoint BU. Super cheap & good!

At a most obscure corner in an already little known nor high traffic shopping complex Centrepoint, Kopi Bar is a little gem of an eatery that deserves more patronage than it has currently.

Truth to be told, myself wouldn’t have given this place a second glance if I hadn’t read about their ALCOHOLIC gelato. Yup, you read right. In this era of decadent desserts, imported expensive gelatos & innovative “ice cream” such as Tutti Frutti & Kindori (Read about the cempaka blast frozen ice cream HERE), this charming unassuming kopitiam cum bar’s winning ace (for me at least) is their unique homemade gelato infused with alcohol.

kopibar gelato

On my first visit, my gelato came sprinkled with these multicoloured rice sprinkles. I spent half the time splitting out the offending artificially sweet stuff while trying to enjoy the distinctive taste of the gelato. Lesson learnt: Ask them to hold those hundreds & thousands sprinkle next time. And why the hell would anyone put hundreds & thousands on something so “adult” as alcoholic gelato??

Kopibar Alcoholic Gelato

Clockwise from top leftJamaica Rum with Raisins, Cherry Brandy Kirsch & Danish Royal Stout with Carlsberg.

The initial hiccup aside, the gelato was loveeeeelyy! My favourite is the Stout one (a bitter start on the tongue which finishes with subtle carlsberg body), followed closely by the Rum & Raisins (rum bloated raisins & swirls of rum aftertaste in the mouth with each spoonful is absoutely bliss !). I would go as far as to say it’s better than Haagen Daaz’s Rum & Raisins though some of my friends didn’t agree. That’s fine, everyone’s tastebuds differs right? 😉

The intriguing Cherry Brandy Kirsch. All of us failed in our quest seeking the suitable adjectives to describe this. Sweet? Uuhh….not quite. Berry tasting? Hmm..a bit. Creamy? Er..not really.  Ok la, I shall it put it as “Complex, subtle tasting & alcoholic with reminisce of berries”.

kopibar - cherry kirsch

It’s RM3/scoop and RM5 for two scoops.  On my first visit, Joe Cho, Kopi Bar director said take-away portion of the ice cream is available after CNY so addicted me went again yesterday with some friends (who agreed the gelato was really delightful) & came away with a litre for RM15. If you would like to buy the whole tub, it’s RM70-. Call Joe in advance to ensure availability.
Lot G106, Ground Floor (just opposite McDonald’s)
Centrepoint, Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

Opens 10 am – 11 pm daily (no off days).
Tel : 03-7710 6966

Joe Cho : 019 783 2582

Kopi Bar

More on KopiBar:

A cosy cafe serving both the usual kopitiam fare and also alcohol. Their specialty is the Hainanese Chicken Rice which is Joe Cho’s favourite, himself being a Hainanese. Other recommended food is their green hued Nasi Lemak & Seafood Noodles featuring Shanghai noodle as well as Chicken Curry served in Claypot.

Prices of these items range from RM6.90 to RM12.