A Quick Guide to Local Food in Kuching

Kuching; as with any state in Malaysia, has her own culinary specialties to offer to her visitors.
With much gratitude to Pierce for being a gracious host & tour guide, & to akiraceo for his excel sheet guide of Kuching food, we managed to sample some of Kuching’s famous culinary delights.

The below serves as a guide only & the places suggested is open for individual debate. For those of you who thinks that there is a better alternative, do share by leaving me a comment below. Both myself & readers of this page would certainly appreciate your input. 😉

Food type
Brief Description
Popular Locations

Kolo Mee Kuching’s signature dish. Served with Cha Siew & minced pork. Available in 2 different preparations, White is original. Red is mixed with Cha Siew sauce. Green Road (morning)
Tabuan Jaya Siang Siang
Kenyalang old market (morning)
Electra house open air (night)
7th miles
Sarawak Laksa Thin rice vermicelli served in flavourful spiced soup with toppings of shredded chic, prawns,omelette Chuan Choon (morning)
Golden Arch (3rd miles)- (morning)
Tomato Mee Your choice of noodles in thick tomato gravy, served with seafood & pork. Sekama – Morning
Hui Sing open Air (Stall 4) – Night
Kueh Chap Smooth rice noodle sheets in herbal-ish soup with pork & innards 3rd mile market – Night
Petanak market – Night
Kampua Sibu’s signature noodle. Almost alike Hakka Mee. Tossed in lard w fried shallots. Top One Food Court, Ang Cheng Ho
Belacan Beehoon Beehoon served with belacan gravy & topped with cuttlefish. SongKimHai Market – Afternoon
Premier 101 – Afternoon
Cha Kueh Kuching styled Fried Radish Cake. 2 fried styles, Sweet w Chai Poh or Salty w Eggs. You can order “mixed” too. Petanak market- Night
Tabuan Jaya Market – Afternoon
Mee Sapi – Beef Noodle Choice of noodles in beef stock topped w beef Electra house open air – morning
Kolok Mee with Pork soup Kolo mee in thick pork peppery pork soup. Carpenter street – morning
Ting Mien Hu Foochow’s styled Kueh Tiao soup suggestions?
Mee Jawa curry mee Batu Lintang- Morning
Malak Noodle Noodle served with spicy sauce and minced meat. Life Caf̩ (Ren Jien Cha Fan) РDay-Night
Sio Bee (Siu Mai) Kuching version of siu mai, but filling is made from minced prawns, chic, glutinous flour. Electra house open air -Morning til late night
Red Chicken Wings Chicken wings marinated w Cha Siew & BBQ sauce. India Street – Afternoon
3rd mile market – Morning
Gingery Chicken Wings Chicken wings marinated with Ginger and deep fried. Lok Lok – night
Kong Piang Sibu’s signature bun. Stuffed with juicy meats Premier 101 – Night
Steamed buns/(paus) Kuching’s version of paus. Cha Siew, big pau, etc. Fillings are cooked differently. Yong Guan Kenyalang -Morning
Kuih Muihs Sarawak Variety of local ‘Kuih’ Sunday Market – evenings

SEAFOOD Seafood dishes Batu Lintang
Electra house open air
Premier 101
(all @night)
Oh Chien Sarawak version of oyster omelette Local restaurants
Kacama Herbal spices cooked with white wine and chicken Local restaurants
Sambal Midin (Bilin) Sarawak paku pakis cooked with sambal Local restaurants
Manni Cai (Money Vege?) Sweet leaves. Usually cooked w eggs or beehoon. Local restaurants
Ayam Panggang Lakia styled BBQ chicken. Marinated with special local spices. Matang Jaya – eve til night
Sugarbun Chicken Local fastfood chain. Peppery Fried Chicken. Any branch

Teh C Peng Kuching signature drink Chuan Choon – morning
Teh C Peng Special 3 layered Tea C Peng. Either w Pandan syrup or Gula Atap. Fresh Food Court 7th Miles (Founder)
Teh C Peng 4&5 layers w Additional layers of wheat grass & grassjelly. Jalan Song – all day
AngTao ChenLuk Sarawak version of Cendol SongKimHai Market – aftnn
ABC, Jagung Ice, Special varieties of iced -desserts do order to try in any desserts stall
Metahon/White lady Kuching popular Ice kacang Hui Sing open Air ( Stall 17) – night
Sugarcane + Coconut Sugarcane juice + Coconut SongKimHai Market – aftnn
WheatGrass C Wheatgrass with milk Kenyalang old market
AloeVera AloeVera served with vanilla syrup Any coffee shop
3 sour drink A mixture of water plum, lime and lemon Any coffee shop
Fantasy/Love potion F&N fruitade and Stawberry with milk Any coffee shop

Anything that I should add? Anyone? 😉
Feedback appreciated!