A lazy Sat with homecooked pasta and Pick & Brew – One Utama Part 2

Dinner was tomato based, and again simply a breeze to make.
We got some pork (yess.. pork!!) bacon bits from EuroDeli while in Jusco.

Prepare onions and garlic as previous post for Lemon Tuna Fusilli. Sames goes for the Swiss mushroom. This time we had the carrots cubed instead of julienned since we are adding more of it to the dish. We soak the carrots in boiling water to pre-cook it slightly.

Pasta – cooked as per instruction and drain. Drop in a cube of butter and mix well.

Saute the onions and garlic. Once fragrant, add mushrooms. Stir well for about 30 secs and you may add the pre -cooked carrots.

Then the pork bacon bits..hhmmm!

Next, tomato puree or paste, whichever of your preference..

Salt and pepper according to taste..we were careful with the salt since we had smoked bacon bits.
For herbs, it was basil again and a sprinkle of oregano.

Cook it for a bit, then pour it over the pasta just now.

Mix it up, and our dinner is ready. All within 20mins. For less than RM4/person. Hmmm.. should do this more often…

He has been raving about FullHouse (in upcoming post) and desserts at Pick and Brew since morning. He opines that the Creme Brulee of one of the best around and the coffee here beats Starbucks anytime. To colloborate his claim, we braved the jam and set out to One-Utama after dinner.
It was not exactly the easiest place to find, as it was not situated right smack in the bustling and popular parts of 1-U. But I guess that works for the outlet, for once settling down, I appreciate that it was nice and quiet; quite a good choice for a cuppa with friends.

I really liked this..cute eh?

Some cute merchandise on sale. Mocha Pots. For serious coffee connoisseur who knows their beans.

Browsing through the menu, I noted a few mains that he recommended based on his previous dining experience and for tonight’s dessert, we ordered Apple Souffle and Double Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream.

Served frozen.. it was as hard as ice-cream. Not sure if it’s meant to be like this? Based on my readings, souffle supposed to be light and soft; no? This is my virginal experience with souffle, or maybe I had it before in buffets and didn’t know what it was then..
Anyways, my friend says this is not the “original” version..

Whatever version it is, I liked it. You can see that there are bits of green apple in it which lents a sourish tinge to the otherwise plain souffle. Refreshing and cooling.
The caramelised lemon slice that was the garnishing. I took a bite; it was slightly bitter and texture wise; chewy.

The double thick lemon mousse that came with the souffle. We thought it was mango cheesecake at first but a quick check with the chef clarified what it was. Double thick mousse does explain it, for it was too light and had no taste of cheese, and both of us were scratching our heads trying to identify it!

The brownie came with the vanilla ice-cream on top of a piece of choco-nut base kinda of bar.

The base was the first thing my fork went for, and unfortunately a major turn-off. Not the chocolate part but the nuts that went with it. It was ‘stale’ – had a rancid taste that I absolutely abhor in nuts of any kind.
Abandoning that, I went for the brownie. It was sinfully rich yet wasn’t cloying. No complains, other than the nuts again, for I found one and popped it into my mouth to test it. Yup, rancid. 🙁
As for the ice cream, it tasted ordinary to me so I concluded that this may be just Nestle?

He ordered ‘Brazil’ for his coffee fix. And was explaining to me how the mocha pot works. Either I was too tired or for whatever reason, I just couldn’t grasp the mechanism of it. Water underneath, goes up, err… mix with the powder? Rise up, then down or something.. Jeez…

Well, it was a good Saturday out, and I felt much relaxed after a very worrying week. Thanks Kev!
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