7, 8, 9

No, its not the counts of me doing sit-ups.. (though I really should be doing so for the amount of food I have been consuming lately…)


She is the force behind these…

And just last Saturday myself and Ken was at one of her famous soirees, where a live Jazz band played amidst free-flowing white wine and lovely canapes.

Meet one of the most successful woman entrepreneur of our decade, Michelle Kwok, with members of the Cuturrufo Jazz Band..
The Cuturrufo Jazz Band featuring Cristian Cuturrufo gave all music aficionados a taste of pure Chilean passion at the Souled Out and 7atenine on 13th and 14th March 2009.

Bought in to perform in Malaysia for the very first time with support from the Embassy of Chile, the quintet enthralled the audience with their renditions of Latin Jazz and snazzy Jazz Funk.
The band incorporated their signature beats to produce an interesting amalgamation of sounds that mesmerised the audience.
The band’s leader, Cristian Cuturrufo, is one of the most distinguished trumpeters of Latin America and is recognised as the hottest and fastest trumpeter of Chilean Jazz.
He was honoured in 2001 the Premio Altazor, a coveted prize and the most important artistic award given in Chile, as it is an award for artistes given by artistes.
Enhancing the whole event was an exhibition by renowned photographer, Gonzalo Donoso, well known for his portraits of musicians and bands. 20 of his selected works were prominently on display at SOULed Out and 7atenine on both nights.

And of course, for me the highlight of the night was…
Delightful canapes….where the flavours of the world come together in airy creations like the salmon pastry and tomato cheese puff tartlets.
Each came in a delicate small portion but were just enough for us to savour the taste.

Light as air pastry, with smooth spread of creamy fresh salmon.

Rich pecorino cheese, blended finely with sweet momotaro tomatoes, imparting a refreshing tomato-ish flavour that compliments so well with the cheese. Simple, yet delightful. Kudos to the chef.

The new menu has recently been launched as well, we have been told it was designed by celebrity Chef in Black, Emmanuel Stroobant and at helm in the kitchen is a French chef.

I think that is him (on the left) grinning from the kitchen. He seems pretty cheeky and looked amused with my picture taking activity.

I find the canapes, devised from simple original cuisine but based on unexpected textures and complexities; came froth brilliant creations like the smoked prawns and mango and chilli, or the beef, caviar and peppers.

The crunchy prawn sits atop a medley of homemade mango salsa, which was mixed with finely minced chilli & onions. Sweet yet with a slight tinge of spicyness. A hint of smokyness could be traced in the crunchy prawn.

We relished on the tender slices of juicy beef with melt-in-the-mouth textures, thanks to the marvelous pairing of creamy, mild spicy mayo with crunchy fresh capsicum that bought both a sweet and spicy flavour to each morsel. I detected a hint of black pepper as well and the luxuriant caviar topping hits all the right notes.
A single bite on the beef is recommended to enjoy the combination all at once.

Pandan chicken with a twist is what I’ll call this.
The meat seems to have been light minced, and seasoned with the spices.
What I like was the smooth & rich creamy peanut sauce, still with little nibs of nuts, but fashioned more like a spread yet with the peanut flavour intact. Again, simple original cuisine but based on unexpected textures and complexities.

Another simple yet tasty fare. Nothing great about the batter but the freshness of the fish was evident. Sweet, moist, flaky flesh got the thumbs up from us.

A favourite among our dining companions was the Tempura Fried Asparagus. The tender young stalks of asparagus was sweet and the light crisp outer batter makes eating greens a breeze.

Even our local “goreng pisang” has its moment. Drizzled with shoyu dashi, the bananas was ripely soft, sweet and came lightly battered. None of the roadstalls kind of flour of course.

Flipping through the new menu, we couldn’t resist the desserts.
Asha, the PR counterpart from Alice George Communication ordered the Pandan Yuzu cream brulee (RM15.70).
Described as classic cream brulee scented with pandan leaf & served with yuzu ice-cream.

Yuzu is basically a Japanese citrus fruit. Small pieces of rind of this fruit was in the ice-cream. While the ice-cream itself is sweet, bite into one of the rinds & you’ll find it a bit bitter, very much like our lemon rind.
The creme brulee itself is marvellous. Strong aroma of pandan and balanced sweetness level makes this dessert an absolute must.

cafe latte trifle. RM19.70
Trifle of espresso jelly, almond crumble and coffee cream topped wth ice cream.
The espresso jelly was strong and very hard. Perhaps it was meant to be so? I’m not sure. While it does not suit my palate, coffee addicts would enjoy this.

Tickets for the night was priced at RM137 per pax which included unlimited glasses of fine Chilean wine and canapes.

About 7atenine.
Since its opening in 2006, 7atenine’s reputation has surpassed expectations with locals and visitors alike for this establishment.
Conceived and designed as an ‘International Lifestyle Destination for Food, Service and Experience’, this bi-level luxury restaurant and lounge is located at the upscale Ascott Residences – a stone’s throw from the Petronas Twin Towers.

In recognition of its iconic status, 7atenine was honoured with the accolade of ‘Best Chill Out Bar of the Year 2007-2008’ and the ‘Top Ten Hot Concept of the Year 2007-2008’ at the prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA).
Their resident mixologist, Frankie, was awarded ‘Best Mixologist-Malaysia 2007’ at the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup.

Reservations: Tel: 03 2161 7789
email: [email protected]
web: www.sevenatenine.com

Operational Hours:
Mon – Fri :5pm til closing
Sat : 6pm til closing

Pics credits to Ken of FoodPOI.com, where it is due.