2nd round! Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio – Oct (2010) Menu !

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Like I have predicted in my previous post, I’ll be back for more of the Oct’s menu & here I am 😉

Truth to be told, I have lost the inspiration to blog. Words failed to come, the enthusiastism has died & I have stopped all discussions with my programmer for my blog revamp. I have put in a lot into this blog, and would prefer to keep it going. It used to be my source of comfort. After 4 days of not logging in my wordpress to edit/start a new post, I realized I actually didn’t give a damn anymore.

For now, I will keep descriptions short & simple & share photos instead. Generally that’s not my style; but it takes inspiration & happiness within to spin a story, both of which I’m devoid of now. I hope in time things will be different. Currently, the prior commitments I have made to PR companies, projects undertaken with promise of a blog post & those half written drafts in my archives are actually the drive factor for me to blog.  In a way I’m thankful, I guess. ..half-hearted articles or complete halt; I’m not sure which is worse.

Crusty rolls and pineapple juice at Nathalie’s.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (4)

Appetizer to share: Salmon Tataki, celeriac puree & truffle oil. RM27.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (5)

It always amazes me how Nathalie managed to pack so much into a little package. This was really quite filling. I think it was Celeric root or something (the white round slices) that was encasing the salmon tartar within.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (6)

Mains: Green Asparagus & broad bean Risotto, Herbs in Cappucino. RM32.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (8)

Very very rich. Be prepared to feel bloated for a long period after lunch. It was slightly too salty for me due to the cheese yet I would still recommend this to carb lovers. It’s highly satisfying somehow.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (9)
Stuffed Eggplant like a Moussaka with Lamb, Tomato broth & yogurt sauce. RM42.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (7)

Marks will always duly awarded to Nathalie’s for her presentation. This little eggplant looks almost to cute to eat.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (10)

Layers of cheese and minced lamb in flavourful tomato broth.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (11)

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (1)

Caramel Mousse, roasted banana & Morels, Morels & Balsamic Caramel Sauce. RM22.

nathalies gourmet studio solaris (2)

A superb dessert for me simply cos I love bananas. The top scoop is almost like ice cream but not as icy. It was more banana pulp than ice with full banana aroma. I loved the caramel custard too. Seriously, it’s good.

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