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Do you make reservations for meals at restaurants or do you just walk in?

I am, frankly, more of the latter. But that’s because I usually dine alone, or perhaps with just 2-3 pax at most.
For those who consistently plan meal outings with friends and families, an efficient restaurant reservation system are much appreciated.

Besides the usual direct reservation system via calling the outlet’s number (which in my experience can be rather unreliable), sites such as serves to smoothen the whole reservation process by eliminating the need to pick up the phone on top of allowing reservations to be made to many F & B establishments on ONE portal at ANYTIME of the day.
And if you do not have a place in mind as yet, you can browse by shop name, location or type of cuisine on Zervit.my; which helpfully suggest potential venues.

Zervit.my. .png

If you’re still unsure, attached reviews and food photos by the community shows you exactly what to expect.
I’m sure you would soon be undecided again; this time because there were too many choices! 🙂

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To use Zervit.my, there are 2 simple steps to start:

1. LIKE them on https://www.facebook.com/zervit.my. The FB page updates you on their latest F & B partners.
2. Sign up as a user & claim a coffee treat on them!

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Once you have verified your email, you may take your pick from Coffea Coffee, espressolab or Ante Kitchen and Bar vouchers (to be redeemed directly from the outlets).


Next is using the platform for reservations.
I have decided to head back to The Hungry Hog for dinner last week as Garam Haram is now available off the shelve at their outlet.
In case you haven’t noticed this on my FB, my article on Juan Lyn (the founder) and Garam Haram was published in the Malay Mail last week. 🙂

garam haram malay mail rebecca saw

These salts retails for RM15 per bottle at The Hungry Hog. So the plan was to have dinner with my bunch of chef-wannabe friends and to stock up on the salts last week.

The reservation process is idiot-proof. All you have to do is log-in, select Date, Time, Pax and Reserve.
You will receive an INSTANT confirmation of your reservation too.

NOTE: Read the “How It works” for the online “tutorial” if you require further guidance.

Zervit.my. .png-004

Zervit.my. .png-007

Since there is a search feature, I tested it out with the keyword “burger” since I know The Hungry Hog serves burgers.
Accurately enough, The Hungry Hog came up on the search result. Not bad! 🙂

Zervit.my. .png-005

Useful information about the outlet are embedded within the page too; here you will find the address, link to the FB page, some photos and a short description of what to expect from the outlet itself.
These details are great to first-timers to any of the F & B outlets, don’t you agree?

Zervit.my. .png-008.png

And so we were all happy with our Garam Haram and our porky meal at The Hungry Hog. Thanks Zervit.my for the convenient reservation process. 🙂

garam haram - malaysia - pork bacon salt recipe

Lastly, why not download the app on your smartphone? An app is even more convenient to use!


  1. Download from google Playstore – http://goo.gl/MIaTx6  or iTunes – http://goo.gl/Y6m7Vn

All in all, Zervit.my is pretty nifty.
Do sign up as an user and enjoy the hassle-free reservation process.
As a user, you can help to improve Zervit by nominating which F&B outlet you want to be on Zervit.my. I’ll personally nominate Boat Noodle at Empire Damansara since the queue is rather legendary. Perhaps with a reservation system, more people will get to enjoy their noodles minus the exasperating wait!

So give Zervit a try! Here’s the link to go to –> .my

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  1. daniel

    Hmmm checked it out.. Not many outlets as yet.

  2. Wong ee

    yesh, coffee treat from zervit!! what a good idea to make reservation online. Gonna suggest BurgerLab and Caffebene to Zervit.my as i’ve never tried them with its long queue!

  3. Irene

    I agree with you on Boat Noodles!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahah have you tried the noodles here? Managed to get a seat?

  4. Amber

    Only 7 listings so far. Anyways will sign up for a free cuppa!

  5. Zara

    Thanks Zervit for the free cuppa!

  6. Carl

    I think it would have been better if they launched the site after a min of 20 restaurants

  7. Lilli

    Interesting – something like table app?

  8. In Seoul we just call the restaurants to make reservations .
    Same for hotels, travel agents, spa. Maybe we should such online system too.

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