YouTube Makes Its Official Debut in Malaysia

Youtube Malaysia was officially launched just a few hours ago.

YouTube launch in Malaysia-003

There was the usual speeches, started off with Sajith Sivanandan, Country Manager, Google Malaysia and followed by Adam Smith, Director of Product Management of YouTube, Asia Pacific.

YouTube launch in Malaysia-005

I was rather distracted by Adam, though I wish it was because of his mind-blowing speech rather than his resemblance to Hugh Grant.

YouTube launch in Malaysia-004

I mean, really, doesn’t he look like Hugh Grant??


But I digress.

YouTube launch in Malaysia-002

The new local version of world’s most popular online video site aims to help Malaysians discover their favorite videos and spread Malaysian content even further across the globe.
Frankly, I don’t see how having a local site makes any difference since the global one has anyhow, spread our local videos far & wide (remember Rosmah’s video?). On a more positive note, Yuna is a good example of local content being discovered and has had a positive impact on all of us.

And in recognition of this, a deal was signed with Music Authors’ Copyright Protection so that Malaysian songwriters and composers benefit financially from having their videos on YouTube.

YouTube would also be working closely with Malaysian media companies like Astro Malaysia and KRU Studios to provide free satellite TV service.

My ears perked up at that. Unfortunately, not much was elaborated on it. From what I can garner from the press release, Njoi, Astro’s free satellite TV service  has a partnership with YouTube and offers a unique service that will make learning, information, entertainment, key sporting events available to all Malaysians for free. The addition of selected Njoi content on YouTube is one of many ways they are making it easy for all Malaysians to enjoy quality content.

For the launch week, YouTube has also secured masthead advertisement on the YouTube Malaysia home page from Dutch Lady, Malaysia Airlines, Maxis, Standard Chartered.
So yes, more ad revenue.

Below: The Revolution of the Television. I loved this!

YouTube launch in Malaysia-001

Mizz Nina at the launch.

YouTube launch in Malaysia

Well, I’m setting my youtube default page to Let’s see what’s in store for us! 😀

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  1. henrytan

    ehhh i also thought is hugh grant!
    his Way Back into Love super awesome! =DDD

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, a lot of media coverage. hot topic at the moment

  2. Sean

    gosh, i’m so out of it, i didn’t realize there’s a youtube malaysia now. actually i’ve never even uploaded anything on youtube so far. must do something one of these days, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes.. a vid of you eating 14 dishes at once! 😀

  3. FiSh

    i didnt know that we have youtube malaysia too! time for us malaysians to show off our talents

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aiya.. we Malaysians already showing off our talents anyway 😛

  4. marina

    hmmh too bad maybe its just me.. i tried the link of new malaysian utube but it keeps redirecting me to dot com without the dot my..

      1. marina

        or maybe its just the content thats changing? or do i need to change the language to bahasa melayu?

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