yonanas : creates delicious, healthy ice cream, ZERO in fat!

This yonanas device, (I thoroughly disapprove of the name) must be the best device I have held in my arms this year! 🙂

Rebecca Saw - yonanas machine

Imagine this, I can now indulge in low fat (depending on what I threw into it) soft serve ice cream EVERYDAY, made fresh at my convenience and not having to pay anymore than the price of the ingredients I use.
What makes the deal even sweeter was the fact that there is no baking, prior mixing, whisking etc required. Just freeze your fruits, power on the yonanas and voila, creamy soft serve ice cream in whatever flavours/combination you desire ready for your consumption.

Clockwise from left to right: Strawberry/banana, banana/oreo and mango/pineapple.

yonanas 2

No scientific challenging device to operate plus idiot proof performance. That’s the beauty of the yonanas™, a one-of-a-kind kitchen aide that creates delicious, healthy soft serve ice cream which is perfect for those who are health-conscious, lactose intolerant (no need to add milk or cream!) and of course weight watchers.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (6)

The yonanas™ whips out desserts that are zero in fat, zero cholesterol, and full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
The base is basically any FROZEN fruits, and you’re free to add any ingredient to make it to your liking such as chocolate, that is if you’re not on a diet. Do steer clear of nuts and seeds though, as that may spoil the machine in the long run since the yonanas is not optimised for hard substances like that.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (9)

A popular ingredient is the bananas for its rich, creamy texture. Bananas are also naturally sweet, not to mention cheap (here in Malaysia) so it’s good on its own or it makes a good base for your any other creative combinations you have in mind.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (8)

A group of media was given the opportunity to use the device during the launch and we took on the challenge of creating the most delicious soft serve as well as an aesthetic looking one.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (19)

Ingredients are provided, we were formed into teams of 2 or 3 and given a fair time of 10 minutes for our creations.

Rebecca Saw - yonanas machine (2)

Rebecca Saw - yonanas machine (1)

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (22)

We cut, press, scooped and decorated our creations the best we could in the time frame given. I was amazed with the yonanas myself. It was too simple! Just ensure that your fruits are thawed for about 5 minutes after taking it out from the freezer and it’s good to go.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (13)


Push the frozen fruits through the chute and the result is dairy free, no sugar added, creamy, healthy soft serve. It is also effortless to clean because the individual components of the machine are easy to disassemble and since no dairy or oily based ingredients are used, a simple rinse would even suffice.

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (14)

Our end product; the “yonanas paradise” created by myself and my team mate Atiqah, a journalist from Lisa Magazine. 🙂

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (10)

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (17)

The judges has a field time tasting each and every of our creations and they took a long while to decide on the winners as everyone was rather inventive and with the yonanas machine, there’s really no right or wrong as almost any combination of fruits works!

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (12)

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (11)

Note: Apologies for the bad picture. I assure you the original presentation was much nicer. These were whatever left after the tasting session!

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (18)

Let’s not waste yes? I cleaned out the remainder in the mixing bowl. After all it’s all fruits! It can’t get any healthier than this. 🙂

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (16)

The yonanas machine is RM289 and it’s available at 10 selected stores – Cold Storage in KLCC, Bandar Utama (1U). Mont Kiara, MidValley, Great Eastern Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Mercato in Pavillion and Hartamas Shopping Centre, Jason Food Hall BSC and Giant Hyper Subang Jaya.

Thank you Dole Malaysia for introducing the yonanas to the Malaysian market. A fitness enthusiast myself, I developed a deep respect for Ms Eileen McHale, the co-inventor and co-founder of the Yonanas after meeting her at the launch.
Eileen looked perfectly fit and svelte in her form fitting dress and I was actually admiring her arms during the demonstration of the yonanas earlier that day!

yonanas - ice cream machine - zero fat - dole malaysia (20)

Eileen is also the creator and host of Dish with Eileen, a healthy food cooking show and was a former caterer and private chef. She advocates healthy eating and her company Healthy Food, LLC is dedicated to creating products that allow people to live healthier lives.
Good job Eileen and rest assured that I’m in full support of your cause! For a start, I’m a fan of your creation the yonanas already! 😀

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  1. Caroline

    OMG!!! I NEED THIS MAGICAL MACHINE FOR MYSELF AT HOME!! lol!! it really seems sooo easy to use and clean. T_T

  2. jolene

    yummy ice cream everyday, right at home, anytime..

  3. Ooo delightful! And the price sounds reasonable. Ciku ice cream could be heavenly! 😀

  4. Linda

    would have considered buying it if it was cheaper than RM200.

    There is an alternative to this device btw, you could easily just freeze your fruits and put it in a food processor or blender

    1. Sharil

      Actually if you do a search using any search engine you can get it around RM128 (cheapest I found)..

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