Yes Life iOS App Launch @ National Geographic Cafe, Lot 10

Broadband provider YTL Communications launched Yes Life for iOSapp and thus making its voice/SMS services available on Apple iOS devices such as the iPod, iPad, the MACs & of course, the iPhone.


Previously YES Life was only available for PCs. However the recent launch of the Yes Life iOS App upped YTL Comms share on the market for it has now tapped into the pool of the Apple die-hard fans, for this app specifically allows your YES ID to work on any of your favourite Apple devices.

Yes Life iOS App:

Yes life iOS

This is certainly a very smart move, as there are probably more Apple mobile users (iPhone) out there than any other smart phones. I may not be a very techie kind of person, but I do know that if you create or invest in any mobile app, you’ll create one that works on iOS or risk losing out a chunk of market share!

1. What is YES Life?

Yes Life iOS App (2)

Basically, it’s an app (a software for those who are really blur on tech jargons) that allows you to use your YES ID.
FREE download HERE : for both PC & Mac (iOS) version.
Apple App store: Get Yes Life for iOS for free on the Apple App Store.

2. What YES means by “reinventing the mobile phone“?

Yes Life iOS App (1)

Yup, in a nutshell, now your iPhone can have 2 numbers. One is via your current sim card from Maxis/Digi/UMobile/Celcom & another is your 018 number (which is the number you’ll get when you sign up for an account with YES).
PLEASE REMEMBER – YES DOES NOT use a sim card, so all “controls” is via this Yes Life app.

Just run the app, log in using your YES ID & you’re good to go. If you have multiple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac book, iPod), download Yes Life iOS for each & if they happened to be all powered on at the same time, these devices will “ring” simultaneously once you receive a call (FROM YOUR YES ID). Likewise you’ll be prompted if you received a SMS.  You can choose to answer the call/reply SMS from any of these devices.
Your calls/SMSes from your Maxis/Digi/UMobile/Celcom will not be affected in anyway. If you are engaged on either line, then the next caller will just get an engaged tone.

Best of all, it is not device dependant. Your Maxis/Digi/UMobile/Celcom contacts are stored in your sim/SD card on your phone right?
With YES, it is cloud-based so it works like Gmail or Yahoo, you can access your emails contacts & other info from any device as long as it’s connected to the internet.

Let me guess; your next query is “Must I be connected to the internet via Yes 4G then only I can use Yes Life?” . No. You can be connected to the internet via any mode of connection – P1/Maxis/Streamyx/any random WIFI at any cafe. As long as you are connected to the internet, your Yes Life app is online/active.

3. What’s so awesome about Yes Life?

Yes Life iOS App (3)

** It’s 9cents/min to any number! ANY NUMBER & FROM ANYWHERE. There’s no roaming charges/activation fee. Call from your YES ID to other countries or call from your YES ID back to Malaysia when you’re roaming & the charges is still 9 cents/min.
It’s 9 cents /SMS too.
** It works with any internet connection even when you’re abroad. You can be on WIFI at your favourite cafe & use the YES Life to make calls/SMS (charges for SMS/calls applies of course). It doesn’t force you to be connected to the internet only through YES 4G connection.

4. When will Yes Life be available for other mobile platforms?
“Soon” as promised by the good folks at YTL Communications. For android & BB users, they can look forward to Yes Life in the next couple of months.

Additional resources:

Facebook :

Damn, now I need an iPhone4! :)

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  1. Sean

    i downloaded the app a few days ago! but being a tech-idiot, i still haven’t signed up for a yes username yet 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahha! At least you downloaded it!
      Sign up for a YES ID frm their site, then you’ll have to activate, top up some money & you’re good to go!
      btw, I got a complimentary RM50 activation fee card, do let me know so I can pass to you! I dont have any use for it as I already have a YES ID & I already activated mine long time ago!

  2. uncleBotak

    Meaning I still need to buy a WiFi+3G iPad2 for moments when I don’t have connection to Wifi network or when free WiFi Hotspot is slow.
    Gonna subscribe to Yes4G.
    Hang on, Yes4G works via huddle and not SIM card right? If so, I get to save RM300 by just getting iPad2 WiFi only model!
    And because Yes4G is based on pay per use, I also get savings there as compared to postpaid plan!

  3. peteformation

    YES is agressive in advertisement…..seen their ads everywhere!

  4. elairz

    there some stuff that concerned me. if you just using your phone. without using wifi. so i guess u need to have to use the mobile data plan for internet.

    so we connect to mobile internet. login to yes life. use data around 200mb. let say we use maxis prepaid internet 1 day plan which i think 500mb data usage.

    the question : how do we get charged?
    – no charge from maxis or minimum charge just to connect to yes 4g? so the data usage still available from maxis is around 400mb.

    – or we get charged twice. the maxis data usage left 300mb. and we used 200mb worth yes too.

    1. munak

      the question : how do we get charged?
      – no charge from maxis or minimum charge just to connect to yes 4g? so the data usage still available from maxis is around 400mb.

      If you have data plan with maxis then there is no extra charge. Voice call data usage is very very low. Voice calls are normally around 8 kbits per second, hardly a drop in your limited data plan, your foursquare app takes more than that.

      – or we get charged twice. the maxis data usage left 300mb. and we used 200mb worth yes too.

      YES will not charge based on your data size, it charges per minute which is 9 sen per minute so it wont affect your YES data plan. Voice credits are different from Data credits. So only your maxis data will be deducted and based on previous response, you won’t feel anything.

    2. Rebecca

      Hi Elairz! I hope I got my friend Munak to reply sufficiently to your query! Let me know if you need anything else!

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