Yellow Brick Road at Batai, Damansara Heights

Big Breakfast - Yellow Brick Road - Batai

On one Sunday alone I saw multiple postings on social media by numerous friends about the Yellow Brick Road.
In fact, if I’ve stayed at the cafe from morning til closing, I would have had a mini reunion of sorts, meeting up with all my friends without even having to make any prior plans.


There are so many cafes popping up in Klang Valley, almost at the rate of 1 per week, but this one gets the biggest hype of all.
Why, you ask?


Well, its ties to the famous Red Bean Bag at Publika and its award winning barista Jason Loo could be a reason.
The Red Bean Bag is one of the more successful cafes around, serving pretty consistent good food for its prices.

With such accolades, I guess I had my expectations through the clouds.

Big Breakfast - Yellow Brick Road - Batai
The Big Breakfast at Yellow Brick Road – Batai

There is a lot to try from the menu so I’ll save my final verdict til then.
Meanwhile all I can say is the breakfast set is pretty similar to RBB and I personally wouldn’t recommend it for the price.
I just felt that the components of the breakfast could do with better ingredients (or similar ingredients but of better quality).

PS: If anything, presentation is spot on.


The Breakfast (RM30+):


To be fair, the sunny yolks tells me good eggs are used, while the use of sweet potatoes plus giving Lescure butter is a nice touch. It was just the sausages and beans that I’m not entirely happy with, but really, that could just be me nitpicking.


Well, luckily I didn’t order the breakfast, but went for the “Hooked” instead, and my choice was primarily motivated by the “quinoa rosti” and green peas mash.
I love green mash and I’m SO curious about the quinoa rosti.


Now, the quinoa rosti wasn’t what I expected. Actually I didn’t know what to expect; perhaps just more quinoa? Or quinoa in potato batter?
Or added into the rosti in a different manner?
Whatever it is, just a sprinkling of quinoa over normal rosti just …

I consoled myself with the green peas mash, which was excellent.


According to their FB, All coffee served at the Yellow Brick Road is brewed using an exclusively customised blend that we call The Oz-some blend. 50% Colombia San Marco and 50% Costa Rica El Celo, roasted by our friends at Artisan Roastery. Tasting Notes: Raisin sweetness, plum skin acidity and a black tea finish.

Well my partner didn’t have any complaints about his cappuccino, so I guess all is good.


At the onset, The Yellow Brick Road looks to be sailing down a smooth path, cobbled as it is.
After all, the team is not entirely newbies in the field, and Publika and Jalan Batai aren’t countries apart. No doubt the success of RBB is hoped to be replicated here, though the menu items are different.
I’m interested to try the passionfruit Hollandaise next as well as the French Toast “I am Kaya” though from the looks of it it didn’t really appeal to me. Still, the verdict will be in the taste.

Till next time then.

And yes, there are cakes available by slices.

Yellow Brick Road

8-7, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Open daily 9am-6pm, beginning April 1, 2015

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  1. marcus

    goddamn that looks really healthy.
    grandma had pantang last time about not servingfood in the container it was cooked in lol. but yeah the serving dish for that breakfast isnt the same as the receptacle it was cooked in so its fine

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Nowadays, funkier presentations = better social media value 😛

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