YEAST Boulangerie – Bistro and Bar à Vin @ Telawi Bangsar

The newest and most promising French boulangerie and casual dining outlet commenced operations just last week.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-030

I first got wind of it when Chef Paul of The Cooking Studio hinted at an upcoming French bakery during my Rachel Allen session just a month back. Chef Paul, who knew about my obsession with breads and desserts had confidently proclaimed that my woes of seeking good European breads here in KL are over.

BELOW: Gruyere Cheese and Smoked Duck Batard (RM TBC), Walnut Raisin loaf (RM12).

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-032

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-031
I very nearly jumped for joy to be told such promising news and when I received the invite for YEAST Boulangerie’s launch party just last week when I was in Nepal, I replied enthusiastically that I’ll be in attendance for sure! 🙂

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-006

During the launch evening we were served morsels from their mains on the menu as well as some pastries and breads. While I now have a good indication of the quality of breads here since I managed to sample 2 full loaves, a review on the bistro food will only be published once I have savoured a full meal here, hopefully soon.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-003

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-001

The Gruyere Cheese and Smoked Duck Batard is a recommended choice for those seeking savoury loaves. The fragrant is strong from the cheese and the smoked duck took the boredom away from usual ham & cheese loaves. For sweeter options, the raisin and nuts loaf was chockful of ingredients and darn worth its’ price! I’m not a fan of raisins but I actually liked the raisins in this as it was sweet and juicy; totally different from the usual raisin loaves in town that uses the dark, cheaper variety.

BELOW: Some of the selection of breads available. I was there in the evening so most of the breads are sold out.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-004

On the Bistro side, YEAST will also feature signature dishes like Boeuf Bourguignontender braised beef short ribs with red wine with root vegetable puree, and crispy fried onions. We had sampling portions of it that evening and I can’t wait to be back for a full portion! It was superbly tender and I could detect the faint aroma of wine it was braised in.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-025

Other samplings includes the salmon, pumpkin soup and nicoise salad.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-011

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-009

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-010

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-007

Some of the breads we sampled were the white chocolate loaf, cranberry and the L’Ancien, all were satisfyingly crusty, yeasty and distinctively rustic.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-019

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-020

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-022

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-021
As the night progressed, we moved on to the desserts. The bitter sweet dark chocolate tart was wonderful while the zesty lemon tart wasn’t too sour so I actually enjoyed both. The only gripe we had was the hard crust. All feedback was channeled to Christophe Chatron-Michaud, Founder of YEAST and I’m sure we can expect due improvements.
Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-026
We took back in our goody bags some mushroom and ham & cheese puffs, both of which I didn’t like somehow.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-027
Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-028
Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-029

Personally for me, the highlight of the evening was a very educational session with Christophe Gros, Artisan Boulanger (Artisan Baker) from Lyon, France. Christophe is the head baker here at Yeast.
Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-015

Being a huge bread fan, I do know a thing or two about bread making in general and in view of my enthusiasm Chris was kind enough to share further about his bread making techniques, not just in theory but even bringing out a few of the flour he used for the breads in YEAST.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-012

He stated, “Our breads are made using home-grown, natural yeast which is almost impossible to find in bakeries and food outlets these days. It gives our breads a deeper flavour and the perfect crust and texture which is going to be unique to YEAST”. He added, “Our breads and pastries are not only fresh, but also longer lasting because of our natural yeast starter.”

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-016

BELOW: Christopher and his secret to all the oven baked goodness in Yeast . 🙂

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-024

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-023

Christophe Chatron-Michaud, Founder of YEAST said, “We want to move away from the stereotypical perception of French food where it is rich and indulgent. YEAST offers “Simple French cuisine”, where we not only provide hearty breakfasts for the family, we also cater for quick business lunches, relaxing afternoon teas, and you can end your days with dinner and wine in the charm of our cozy ambience”.

YEAST’s Bar à Vin, offers a lighter fare where one can enjoy small bites, while watching the chefs in action at the open kitchen. For vino, you can enjoy a selection of fine international wines both by bottles or by the glass together with your food.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-005

Last but not least, here’s a hot tip – all breads are sold at a 30% discount between 5 – 7 pm!
While nothing beats freshly baked loaves in the morning, do hop in to grab some for tea if you’re in the vicinity! I know I will. 🙂
YEAST Boulangerie – Bistro & Bar à Vin
24, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar 59100, Kuala Lumpur (2 doors away from Antipodean)
Hours: Tues to Sun – 8am to 6pm. Dinner service commences on 5th December
+603 2282 0118

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar

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    Looks like a must-try! Great find and as usual, quick to share! Thanks Rebecca

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