Yamaguchi Fish Market‬, Jalan Kampung Pandan – for quality and freshest seafood

Note: This is a quick update since everyone is so excited about this concept market after I posted a teaser about it on Instagram and Facebook.


This post will be updated over the weekend to include the full write-up of our experience during the grand launch tonight. For now I’ll answer the most common queries directed at me such as prices and the type of dishes served here at Yamaguchi Fish Market.

The menu is as below (this is provided in the media CD so it is shareable material) for your reference.
You can now plan and budget your visit accordingly. All prices are subjected to 10% and 6% GST.

yamaguchi menu pg1

yamaguchi menu pg2

Do note that I was at the grand launch so we were served food canapes style. Thus I will not remark much about the food as mass produced, bite-size finger food wouldn’t be an accurate representation of the actual food served ala-carte.


The dishes below were prepared for photography purposes so we didn’t get to taste any of these dishes below.
However it does provide an idea of the overall dish and expected portion size of each item.

Yamaguchi Fish Market signature dishes:

Poached Live Shrimps – RM46.

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-003

Yamaguchi Signature Sashimi Seafood Platter – RM198.


Yamaguchi King Crab Platter – RM298.

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-001

Yamaguchi Grilled Seasonal Seafood Platter – RM116.

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-010

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-008

Salt Baked Tai Fish – RM48

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-005

Fresh oyster platter – RM78.

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-002

Yamaguchi Eel Rice – RM38 .
The photo I took for this one didn’t turn out well so I’ll omit it from this article! Just imagine it as a dish of soft scrambled egg over a mould of rice with slices of eel on top.

Hakka Stir Fried Mud Crab – RM156.

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-004

Yamaguchi Fish Market (16, Jln Kampung Pandan – where Caffeiness/Black Market/Zebra SQ is) is inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan.
The management team sought to bring not only quality and the freshest seafood but also to mimic the lively spirit of the vibrant seafood market.

What to expect here:
Tanks filled with fresh catches; from seasonal fishes to uni and king crabs that guests can opt to dine-in and enjoy in a variety of styles or to purchase them at wholesale prices.

yamaguchi fish market


Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-011

Check back on this post after the weekend for my updates on the world’s best sake, the Gekkeikan Sake and my overall experience of Yamaguchi Fish Market. 

Yamaguchi Fish market - REVIEW - seafood-009

Last but not least, for the complete Japanese meal experience, you can pair some of the world’s finest sake with the freshest seafood available at Yamaguchi Fish Market.
Just ask the attending staff for recommendations.


Yamaguchi Fish Market
16 Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10:00 am-1:00 am
Contact: +603-9284 6686

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