Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel KL – homely, classic pork dishes – BBQ crispy suckling pig, braised pork belly, slow-cooked pork tendon

Being Chinese, pork is a staple meat in our diet.
From simple stir-fries to braised dishes and curries, we love our pork and we grew up enjoying our families’ classic home cooked recipes.

For those lucky enough to have their families near, these dishes may be an everyday affair.
For most of us, a home cooked meal is a luxury, perhaps enjoyed annually during Chinese New Year or maybe monthly during hometown visits.

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-006

For nostalgia’s sake Chinese Chef Wong Pak Seng along with Barbecue Chef Kou Kim Hai of Xin combined their expertise to develop 10 classic pork dishes which will be available throughout April.
For those who have been hankering for Crispy Pork Belly with Salted Fish (oh, my favourite!), braised beancurd with minced pork and spare ribs, this is it!


Prices starts from RM35.00++ – RM160.00++ per item and is available for lunch and dinner. And like all chinese style dishes, these are best eaten with copious amount of rice! 🙂

mud crab_menu

Comfort food are mostly simple dishes; such as this Deep Fried Beancurd with Minced Meat. The tasty minced meat complements the plain but silky beancurd very well.

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-002

Chinese soups are best for the weary body and soul. Double-boiled for hours with potent chinese herbs and fresh chicken, I sipped this and felt less inclined to murder some people instantly.
Yes, I do have a very stressful job. 😀

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL

More to satiate your palate are some of the recommended dishes like slow-cooked pork tendon with garlic, braised pork belly with preserved vegetable, spare ribs in wine sauce and BBQ crispy suckling pig Hong Kong style.
The Hokkien fried noodles which I usually avoid with a 10 foot pole was so flavourful, so adeptly fried that I actually enjoyed eating it, which is some sort of a miracle.
It wasn’t the slightest bit greasy and the sprinkling of freshly fried pork croutons (unlike those in some hawker stalls that daringly add stale, rancid and blacken pork lard and charge you RM10 per plate) demonstrated the skills and dedication to good food that both chefs of Xin Cuisine adhere to.

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-007

Same high praises applies for the slow cooked pork tendon; absolutely melt-on the tongue tender and so easy to eat. Karen, my colleague couldn’t stop herself from wiping the pot clean.

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-001

Barbecue Chef Kou Kim Hai’s skills are beyond reproach as evident from this baby swine whose crackly crispy skin and tender meat is easily one of the best suckling pig dish I have eaten in KL.

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-004

Vegetables are lightly doused in salted egg and crabmeat; adding taste to an otherwise simple preparation of greens. No one complained about eating their fibres with such a recipe!

Pork dishes - Xin at Concorde Hotel KL-005

My previous dim sum and Chinese New Year meals at Xin had always been satisfactory and I had strongly recommended Xin to my readers and friends for its porky dim sum and Chinese banquet-style meals. So far everybody’s feedback had been positive!

So if you haven’t visited Xin, don’t miss out on this April’s porky specials.
Round up a gang of pork-loving friends and treat yourselves to some classic, homely goodness that you know you will love. This menu is available for both lunch and dinner. 🙂
For reservations please call 2144 8750 or 2144 2200 extn 2338.

Xin Cuisine

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    what a tempting menu! i’d pick the braised knuckle and the slow-cooked tendon with garlic … those two sound like real comfort food. the hokkien mee looks great too 🙂

  2. Amber

    Same here. I dislike the greasy, overly salty Hokkien Mee too!
    But I could finish a suckling piglet on my own!

  3. Zara

    I wish I could try all these~
    But for non pork I do like Celestial Court – thanks to yoour recommendation

  4. Carl

    Suckling pigs – I don’t get it. Just paying for the skin no?

  5. Lilli

    A good affordable Hokkien mee is the one at 1U – oriental cravings . Do try!

  6. Ji-min

    You must try our pork ribs and BBQ pork yea becky!
    I usually eat Chinese food with my parents, and we haven’t tried suckling pig!

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