World Gourmet Summit 2013 – Sunset Cocktails at Tamarind Hill

This is the week of culinary fabulosity for me as I flitted from event to event in Singapore covering the World Gourmet Summit 2013.
Landing in Singapore barely 18 hours after returning to KL from Korea, all my travel fatigue dissipated as I stepped into the lush greenery of Tamarind Hill at Labrador Nature Reserve for the celebratory cocktail session marking the first half of the World Gourmet Summit this year.

tamarind hill Singapore (2)

tamarind hill Singapore (1)

Sunset Cocktails at Tamarind Hill was as the name suggested, an evening of free flow imaginative cocktails, bubbly and spirits. Superb canapes from the kitchens of Tamarind Hill, prepared by four of the best executive chefs across Tamarind’s establishments in Singapore and Malaysia kept rumbling tummies satisfied.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-005


Tamarind Hill is not a name entirely unfamiliar to the rest of us. It is after all, a Malaysian venture by our very own pole dancing and restaurateur extraordinaire, Maple Loo. In KL, Tamarind Hill and Neo, both located in Jalan Sultan Ismail are popular refuge locations from the city, though it is actually right in the heart of the city.
Tamarind Springs, Ii Tempio (an Italian restaurant), and Mandi-Mandi are within the secluded grounds of Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman.
In Singapore, the same Thai hospitality, Samadhi experience and concept of serenity in the midst of nature was replicated.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-035

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-037

I spent my evening mingling, sipping cocktails, non-alcoholic beers and nibbling on wonderful canapes.

Ah, the canapes.
Lovers of the aphrodisiac oysters had a fabulous time as hundreds of the big, juicy molluscs were served; all fresh and tossed lightly in some form of Thai dressings.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-030

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-004

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-016

Besides oysters, fat scallops made its round with thick fresh salmon loins, both my favourites!

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-017

The 4 executive chefs were preoccupied at each of their stations whipping up canapes or pork neck, orange and kaffir mash with duck confit, thai salads, watermelon and prawn salad, pink seared beef and fish ceviche; just to name a few.

sunset on tamarind hill singapore

This is Chef Somkhuan Wandee, Exec Chef – Tamarind Springs Malaysia.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-001

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-019

We see Chef Thiti Thammanatr, Executive Chef Tamarind Hill at another station, whipping up his specialties, one of which was the marvelous pink, juicy beef canapes.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-014

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-022

Chef Sombat Kokasemkul, Executive Chef NEO Tamarind, Malaysia was explaining to some guests about the cuisine and his creations.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-033

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-029

I forgot to snap a picture of the last chef. Anyhow at one of the drinks live station Satoshi Iwai, Mixologist, Orgo Singapore shaked, blended and mixed some of his specially crafted cocktails throughout the evening for the guests.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-023

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-026

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-024

Even coffee were served that night! There were truly no shortage of drinks and no better way to soak up the sunset and enjoy this evening with great cocktails, food, art and of course, company.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-043

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-008

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-011

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-020

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-009

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-036

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-013

Complementing the occasion were a series of interesting activities lined up, including an artistic showcase by ceramic artist Tay Siew Cheng titled, “My Porcelain Garden”, presenting her collection of delicately crafted porcelain flowers.

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-038

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-039

WGS 2013 - Tamarind Hill - Rebeccasaw-040

It was good to be a part of World Gourmet Summit again this year. It has been a marvelous month, Savour 2013, now World Gourmet Summit 2013 and next the Gourmet Japan 2013!
Stay tuned for the remaining events of the week as I eat and drink my merry way! 🙂

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  1. Uma Devi

    Nice meeting you gorgeous that evening! I had about 10 cocktails! What about you?

  2. Chee Wah

    Cocktails whole night long? Bo jio!!

  3. Veron

    MY girls and I do hop in at NEO every now and then for our cocktails fix, though we find its potency a bit lacking these days.

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