Winner – Ms Universe Malaysia 2010 – Nadine Ann Thomas

Themed Starry Starry Night, the ballroom of Royal Chulan Hotel was flashing opulence, class & flair.

stage Royal Chulan Hotel

Each table has a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne, a bottle of red and white wine. And yes, as per my tweet, little boxes of Marigold Vanilla, Choc & Strawberry Milk!
Royal Chulan table

banquent Royal Chulan Hotel

The top 5.
Charlene Wong/26 years old/Student: Master in English literature.

Mourhma Reddy/25 years old/Law graduate and model.

Nadine Ann Thomas/23 years old/Event & Talent Coordinator.

Vera Hui/25 years old/Air stewardess.

Gail Marianne James/23 years old/Business Owner.

Top 5

TOP 3:
3rd Runner up Vera Hui , 1st Runner Up – Mourhma Reddy, WINNER: Nadine Ann Thomas .
Mourhma, Nadine, Vera hui

Giving away the Crown for the incoming winner is the reigning Ms Universe Malaysia from 2009, Joannabelle Ng.

Joannabelle Ng

I thought Andrea Fonseka’s hairdo that night was gorgeous…

andrea fonseka

And of course, yours truly was there as well.


I figured that since I’m already all dress-ed up, I might as well camwhore kau-kau…

jason n me

jason n me-1


me n ai mei

lovely me

Me and Katherine Ng – this is as the night progressed. And as you can see, I’m “losing” my make-up! 😉
Rebecca n Kat Ng

Brendan Lee and me. I personally like this pic. It showed how the gown is supposed to “flair” out at the bottom, with a bit of mermaid-like effect.

RebeccaSaw BrendanLee

Harith Iskandar.

RebeccaSaw Harith Iskandar

Jezamine Lim, Harith’s fiancee. A very down to earth, bubbly gal. Lucky Harith!

RebeccaSaw JezamineLim

Niki Cheong. Who doesn’t knw him? 😉

RebeccaSaw NikiCheong

One final photo ; -)


Congratulations to the winners! 😉

And yeah, what do you think of how I looked that night? 🙂

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  1. Jerine

    OMG Becky… you could have won first place! I love your hairdo, your dress, your makeup and everything!!!!

  2. bryanlyt


  3. Sean

    becky, u look absolutely gorgeous, from head to toe 😀

  4. minchow

    You looked great!! Watch out beauty queens of the world!

  5. kruel74

    Totally unrecognisable. Fuyoh…..!!!! :good:

  6. nY

    Rebecca, you look gorgeous! Fuyoh.. LENG!

  7. Simon Seow

    Ah, you kind of lose the lipstick at the last picture.

  8. ai wei

    rebecca, u are gorgeous looking!!! witttwittt 🙂

  9. FBB

    WAHHHHHHHHH, like prinshessss laidat.

  10. sophia

    HOLY SHIT!!! Becky! Are you sure YOU’RE not the Ms Universe?!!! You look freaking HOT!!! And soooo gorgeous! But you’re a different kind of beauty…I can see REAL talent and intelligence shining from those eyes!

    SEriously, who care about that Ms Universe?! You’re AWESOMER!

  11. Leo

    Somehow I didn’t notice those winners… but my eyes are gazing right at you 😛 hope Unka won’t kill me for this… hahahah!!

  12. Simple Life

    Looks so sophiscacted and very serious looking type……..

  13. lotsofcravings

    looks like i m just joinin the queue!! looking good in a dress!!

  14. ciki

    yea holy shit u mean you are not miss universe?

    where is bangsarbabe by the way?

  15. Penny Tai

    congratulations !! .. you have just won a new reader 😉 LOL. Do post up more on this!

  16. ng kun tek

    wow, Rebecca u looked great!

  17. Edris Chirino

    Hi there 🙂 Is it good if I am going slightly off topic? I am attempting to access the web log on my new ipad device but it won’t show correctly, do you possess any kind of suggestions? Shall I attempt to locate an upgrade for my software or some thing? With thanks for the support!

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