Wild Honey is open in Pavilion KL!

The brunch scene in KL is about to get more exciting!

Just as I was lamenting about the quality of cafe and ‘cafe food‘ and “those brunch restaurants” with a few eye rolls to a friend, I received news about a new brunch menu at The Daily Grind followed by an invite from one of my favourite pork brunch places in town – Breadfruits.

And just yesterday, a FB posting by a friend showed beautiful photos of the famous Wild Honey Singapore in Pavilion KL.
Needless to say I dropped him a message immediately and made Sunday brunch plans.


At 10 am this morning I walked into Wild Honey Malaysia on the 6th floor of Pavilion KL.

My eyes took in the eclectic decor which came together nicely to create a modern, spacious space for dining which is comfortable for leisure meals and distinctively unique for an outlet in a mall.
The vibe is welcoming, the staff enthusiastic and the outlet isn’t freezing cold. I felt welcomed and at ease at once.




At 10 am there was already a steady stream of hungry walk-ins.
Tables were taken up rapidly and from the kitchen dishes after dishes were being served.
Busy wait staff whizzed past me with plates laden with thick toast, eggs ben, steaming hot cuppas and even cakes at that hour!

And at 10 am, you can order wines to pair with brunch. Sean (eatdrinkkl) wanted a cocktail but cocktails were unavailable this morning so he settled for a red.


Since I couldn’t decide between the hot chocolate (Valrhona no less) or coffee so I ordered a Wild Mocha Dolce (RM16) – espresso, chocolate, milk and honey; a glass that offers a combination of both.
I requested for the honey to be served separately and the milk to be swapped with soy.

It turned out to be a fantastic choice as each sip was indulgently rich but non-sweet with both chocolate and coffee flavours in good balance.
Believe it when I say that this was one of the best mocha I’ve ever had!


I’ve been to Wild Honey Singapore so I was familiar with their signatures – The Tunisian, The Norwegian and The European; just to name a few.
For this branch, pork is omitted and thus a few dishes were renamed and refreshed.
Overall, the KL menu is about 60% similar to the Singapore’s.

To be frank, we barely missed the swine as the menu is extensive.

A 2 page menu offers savouries covering beef, poultry, vegan, salads, sweets (pancakes, waffles, french toasts), sandwiches, pastries, seafood and cereal bowls.
On the counter fat quiches, mini scones and tall cakes entice every diner.

brunch-at-wild-honey-pavilion wild-honey-pavilion-kl-brunch-review-006

The owners were in town and co-founder Stephanie Hancock came over to chat with us for a while.
Energetic and enthusiastic, she shared that all the dishes were family recipes and everything (other than the breads) were baked/made in-house.
Stephanie is very hand-ons and both husband and wife could be seen serving customers and clearing tables this morning.


Judging from our brunch Wild Honey could very well be the most solid choice for an all-day-brunch if you are in the KL city vicinity.
The 5 dishes we had did not give us any cause for complaint.
Flavours were on point; nothing too salty nor too bland and the top notch ingredients used shone as they should.

Preparation methods were irreproachable as textures and cooked degrees were just right; classic examples being our medium rare beef burger, the poached egg and our baked egg dishes.
I’m not sure about you, but being served over-baked, rubbery eggs is a turn off. Same goes to non-runny yolks in poached eggs.

But our meal at Wild Honey was without a hitch.


Thus satisfaction levels were high and we left as a group of happy foodies today. While I can’t speak for everything on the menu since we had only 5 dishes, our meal was truly a positive one!

I had expected teething issues as it is Wild Honey’s 2nd day in operation but it look like Wild Honey is off to a wonderful start.

RECOMMENDEDBarbary (RM36++) – Duck hash, duck confit leg, pink grapefruit hollandaise & crispy shallots.

This was superb.
Don’t be fooled by the bone sticking out as it is NOT a whole duck leg but a soft hash made from duck confit (meat) and potatoes. The creamy pink grapefruit hollandaise was wonderful as it was of the right consistency and richness without being overly sour.


RECOMMENDEDBreakfast Burger (RM40++) – Beef, pastrami, fried egg, zucchini relish & chipotle aioli on brioche bun.

We ordered the beef patty to be medium rare and it came perfectly medium rare so that was the first plus point.
Furthermore there were generous slices of pastrami which was a welcoming sight compared to the old-fashion beef- bacon combo so commonly available.

Topped with an egg, this makes for a hearty, satisfying protein packed meal. The brioche bun wasn’t overly buttery and held the components together well. The relish and chipotle aioli provided additional flavours and moisture (sauce) to complete the package.


RECOMMENDEDCurly Kale (RM32++) – this is a reinvention of the Caesar but using the superfood kale.
Rubbed with anchovy lemon dressing, the crunchy kale was a refreshing fibre with a perfectly poached egg, white anchovies, dried cranberries, sweet potato ribbons and garlic brioche croutons.


Good : GREEK (RM40++) – Open-face omelette with lamb moussaka, bechamel, fumed parsley, Japanese eggplant, shaved onions & Greek cheese with a side of flatbread.



Good : LEVANT (RM42++) – Baked eggs topped with schug (Yemenite fiery, herby green sauce with cilantro, parsley, jalapeños, garlic, spices and salt), tahini, harissa, chopped salad, grilled halloumi cheese, labne, Za’atar bread, avjar, spiced black olives.

Both the Greek and Levant possesses interesting twists compared to commonly available baked eggs dishes so it is worth ordering them here at Wild Honey if you’re a fan.
This is especially so for the Levant which has elements like avjar and schug.

LOVELY : Trio of Scones (RM14++) – This comes in a threesome of plain, with dates & with cranberries.
The piece de resistance?
 clotted cream was provided instead of whipped cream and what-nots!

For the jam, take your pick from house-made lemon curd, raspberry, apricot OR strawberry jam .



Yes, Wild Honey is a happy place to be! 🙂


Food is good and the menu offers an expansive selection of desserts as well as savouries.
As you may have observed above, although some of the dishes may be familiar brunch meals (eggs ben, pancakes, baked eggs) there were innovative twists in the use of ingredients or preparation methods which elevated typical brunch dishes to be more outstanding than usual.
The dining space is comfortable, spacious and visually pleasant. The service attentive and the staff eager to please.

All in all, I won’t mind a few more revisits myself.
No doubt Wild Honey will be the hotspot for brunch for weeks to come I hope to hear positive reviews from YOU if you do visit.
Please do message me on Insta or FB to share your experience! 🙂

This is not an invited tasting though the owners did come over to say hi to us.
The bill was taken care of by Peter from Kian Furniture, the company responsible for the gorgeous set-up (I love the fabric chairs) in Wild Honey.
Thanks for feeding us Peter! 🙂

Wild Honey
6th floor, Pavilion KL
(Same floor as Ben’s, Milk Cow and Tonkatsu by WA)
HOURS: Daily from 10am – 11pm.

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