Whisky Live 2017 Singapore : Drink & be MERRY!

The annual Whisky Live saw many happy connoisseurs as they tasted, discussed and bought hundreds of litres of whisky from around the world home. Many more were in high spirits since there were tasting booths, masterclasses plus a cocktail street over the two-day event. I reckon attending patrons drank their worth equivalent in body weight!

There were also an entire section dedicated for bottle sales. I personally spied a few I wished I could have bought home. But the Malaysian customs are unpredictable so I let the urge go. I wouldn’t want to risk losing any bottles (or my money) to them!

Instead I made do with tasting as many spirits I could and enjoy the wealth of knowledge gleaned from the event. Alan, a Malaysian-Singaporean friend of mine was my partner for the day.
We made our way around the cocktail street, the VIP bar, the Exhibition Room 2 and 1 and the RARE Collector Room. He managed to score a few bottles of his liking besides getting high on spirits – both emotionally and the liquid sort! I on the other hand, was overwhelmed with the amount of libations available! Thankfully Yi Kai, Alan and a few new friends I’ve made that day helped to guide me around.   

The event promised over 38 exhibitors from over 15 countries and provide visitors access to more than 52 special brands of whisky, cognac, rum and gins.
Those with day-passes were given all-round access. The cost of the tickets were reasonable considering the abundance of tastings and the rarity of the whiskies available. Patrons had a whale of a time trying, learning and discussing about their favourite libations. Generous pours were being served and the people were ever-friendly to chat to.

I spied many limited editions too and wished again that I could add them into my collection!


Whisky Live was undeniably a great place for seasoned and occasional drinkers of whisky.
Being a Malaysian I appreciate such events since we do not have many similar events back home. Like many others I stayed in the collectors rooms. It was a world of whisky and various spirits with constant engagements with experts, friends and strangers alike.
Here Alan tasted more than 20 variants of spirits while I took an occasional sip from the really unique ones.

BELOWThe Collector Rooms.
This has always been the highlight at the show as whisky aficionados get to relish in rare and highly sought-after bottles from across the world.

Among over 10 masterclasses available, I sat in a Kavalan Masterclass which was apt since I just landed from Taipei that very morning. The session by Kavalan ambassador Kelly was informative and gave me insights to this rather new Taiwanese whisky.

I missed out on the Cradle Glass though. The plan was to buy it after my Kavalan Masterclass but I forgot.
Well, hopefully I’ll get one next year. 🙂

It was certainly a weekend well spent at Whisky Live. Last year it was at Sentosa, which was a bit out of the way so this year it is in Singapore town. Kudos to the La Maison du Whisky team for another successful event!

The cashless system (RFID band) was worth a mention as it made purchases simpler. All in all, we are already looking forward to the next one – Whisky Live 2018!
For more images surf over to Whisky Live Facebook Page and there is a video as well.

Till then, CHEERS! 😀

CREDITS: 50 -60 % of the images here are from Whisky Live FB page. 

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