Westin Langkawi – Jojo Struys as Westin Wellness Advocate

As an advocate of living well and feeling well, I enjoyed myself immensely during my stay at the Westin Langkawi last year.
You can read about my SuperFoodsRx™ and delicious dining experiences HERE as well as my fabulous Heavenly® Spa experience HERE.

REVIEW - partial ocean view room westin langkawi

Why choose Westin Langkawi?
Well, for me it is for its private beach, attentive service, good food and its amazing Heavenly® Spa.

Westin langkawi - heavenly spa - review -royal thai massage-005

I returned this year in February and it felt like ‘homecoming‘ when I was greeted by name by those who recognized me.

A new chef welcomed me this time though, and over the next few days I found myself thoroughly impressed with his cooking and got utterly charmed by his good-naturedness.
Always with a smile no matter how preoccupied, he officially become another reason in my list of “why one should stay at Westin Langkawi”.

Westin chef Jakob breakfast and food

My February 2016 stay was in conjunction with the announcement of television personality, wellness author and speaker Jojo Struys joining the Westin Well-Being Movement as the brand’s newest well-being brand advocate.

Rebecca saw JOjo Struys

If you are unfamiliar, let me give you a brief on the Westin Well-Being Movement.

jojo struys westin langkawi

Westin Well-Being Movement features innovative partnerships and programs across Westin’s six pillars of well-being: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.
It is basically a campaign introduced to enhance the well-being of Westin’s guests and associates around the world.
As an example, every Westin in the world has SuperFoodsRx™ on the menu as healthier dining options and New Balance Gear Lending Program to encourage a fitter you.


As Westin’s newest brand advocate, Jojo will curate and host 2 exclusive Westin Wellness Escapes in Malaysia this year, offering guests healthy tips and tried-and-true wellness regimens that promote balanced living.

And as esteemed friends of Starwood and Westin, a bunch of us had a sneak peek of Jojo’s program!

westin langkawi - jojo struys - westin well being-002

For 2 days we ate well, slept well, moved well, felt well, worked both our bodies and mind well and played well.

Jojo lead us through a workshop about managing stress and we got to practise some breathing techniques. There was a night under the stars and we were lulled to relaxation by her soothing voice and the gentle sea breeze.

westin langkawi - jojo struys - westin well being-004

westin langkawi - jojo struys - westin well being-004.

westin langkawi - wellbeing retreat Jojo struys-004

BELOW: “The Art of Relaxation and Sleeping Well” – do you that stress doesn’t only make us feel awful emotionally, but it can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of?
Hence it is crucial to be able to unwind and enjoy a deep sleep to rejuvenate the mind and body.

jojo struys class - westin wellbeing-002

jojo - westin wellbeing-001

Then we cruised on the Andaman Seas as we ate and drank in good company. A 80 minute massage was included in the itinerary where our body was coaxed and kneaded to pliantness as the mind gently slipped away into oblivion.

BELOW: Heavenly Spa by Westin – a must if you are in Langkawi!


The cruise.

jojo - westin wellbeing.

We exercised our minds as well during an educational and energizing morning hike discussing both nature and the art of living well.

Westin langkawi - Jojo Struys

westin langkawi day 21

Rebecca saw -langkawi hike

Westin langkawi - Jojo Struys-001

I added my own program to those sun-kissed days by spending my days running on the beach, recharging with long hours of deep sleep on the Heavenly Bed and stuffing my face with wonderful food thoughtfully prepared by Chef Jakob.

beach run westin langkawi

Westin langkawi - Jojo Struys - hiking -001


westin langkawi - wellbeing retreat Jojo struys Rebecca saw

Thank you again Chef Jakob for nourishing us with such wonderful food.
And that turkey we had for dinner? The best turkey I’ve had!

westin langkawi - superfoodsRX

BELOW: Herb turkey roulade on spinach quinoa risotto, garlic broccoli, cherry tomato confit & prune gravy.
Superbly juicy and well flavoured on all parts.


Do not be alarmed though if you find the following photos to be “too healthy”. The daily buffet at Seasonal Tastes and the ala-carte menus from Westin Langkawi’s restaurants as well as the room service menu offer an incredible range of dishes from different ethics and preparation methods.
In fact, I had a cheat meal and ordered pizza to my room one night!



westin langkawi

Pizza anyone?

Westin Heavenly bed review

I believe in moderation and I allow myself to enjoy desserts and rich food occasionally. Besides, I must commend the kitchen team for the superb pizza; fresh base, thin crust, not overly greasy yet loaded with ingredients.

Yes, the Westin Wellbeing Movement ethos suits me just fine; for I live by them – Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.

Yoga westin langkawi

I can’t wait to witness more of Westin’s on-site retreats by Jojo as I understand that those retreats will be covering mindfulness meditation, nutrition, yoga, running and interactive experiences including fitness classes, healthy cooking course and more.
In fact I would highly recommend these retreats for those seeking inner peace & equilibrium. Do look out for the announcement of those retreats on Westin Malaysia site –> (www.thewestinkualalumpur.com/www.westinlangkawi.com/).

Last but not least congrats Jojo and thank you Westin Langkawi and Starwood Hotel team for having me!


More about Jojo Struys:
I’ve met Jojo in person a few times before in KL during events and I’ve alway liked her for her humble and grounded demeanour.
She has always been approachable and exudes a natural calm aura which you would feel whenever you are around here. I can’t think of a more ideal person to be learning about mind and body balance and holistic living from really!

An accredited Reiki master with over 15 years of experience, Jojo lives and actively practice what she preaches through tap dancing, yoga and meditation.
If you are frequently stressed and is keen to explore related breathing techniques, meditation and activities for managing anxieties, do attend one of her Westin Well-Being curated retreats and take that first step towards a calmer mind and body.

jojo - westin wellbeing

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa
Jalan Pantai Dato Syed Omar, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
+60 4-960 8888

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