Westin Hotels & Resorts In Malaysia Introduce New Balance Gear Lending Program

Just last week I was at Westin Hotel KL at 6am in support of a new wellness feature following the global roll-out of the brand’s successful gear lending program with New Balance.

New Balance Gear Lending Launch - The Westin KL

Waking up at 5 am is not a problem for me and I’m game for a run anytime. Also I was curious about this initiative. New Balance? Gear lending?

BELOW: Team Westin Kuala Lumpur all set to run! Spot me? :DD

New Balance Gear Lending Launch - The Westin KL-002

Warm up time!

New Balance Gear Lending Launch - The Westin KL-003

After the run, we were treated to a wide array of health enhancing SuperFoodsRx breakfast by Splash – the hotel’s poolside venue followed by a press conference.
Look at the inviting pool at the Westin KL. I very nearly jumped in, but decided that breakfast was more important. 🙂

The Westin New Balance-002

New Balance Gear Lending Launch - The Westin KL-012

Protein rich salmon.

The Westin New Balance-004

Loads of nutritious bite sized canapes.

The Westin New Balance-005

The Westin New Balance-006

Muesli with fruits.

The Westin New Balance-009

Freshly blended smoothies with sweet strawberries.

The Westin New Balance-012

Protein packed burgers – eggs and bacon.

The Westin New Balance-007

The Westin New Balance-008

And these were my favourite – not to eat (though it’s edible) but as souvenirs!
Shoe-shaped biscuits! 🙂

The Westin New Balance-015

Running biscuits!

The Westin New Balance-016

Sated and rested, the press conference shared more information about the Westin and New Balance collaboration.

The Westin New Balance-014

BELOW: Hratch Khatchanian, General Manager of The Westin Kuala Lumpur explaining to members of the media on The Westin New Balance Gear Lending Programme during the press conference. Looking on (right) is Ronald Ramesh, Director of Rooms and (Left) Chef Garth Welsh, Director of Kitchens.
All 3 men joined us for the run earlier too. Yes, even the Chef!

The Westin New Balance-013

The Westin New Balance Gear Lending Programme mission is to enable their hotel guests to pursue their well-being when on the road, and Westin’s partnership with New Balance makes not only packing much easier but provides a solution for those travellers who forgot their gear or decide to work out last-minute.

No Room for Sneakers in Your Luggage?  No Worries, Pack Light and Stay Fit with Westin!




For just RM15.00, guests of The Westin Kuala Lumpur and The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa can borrow running shoes with disposable insoles and socks. In the coming months, the hotels will also introduce a variety of men’s and women’s New Balance apparel including shorts and shirts for men and shorts, capri pants, shirts and sports bras for women.

Woah! Such a fabulous initiative don’t you think so?
This innovative program eliminates the hassle of packing gear, which surveyed guests listed as a key barrier to working out while travelling.

Westin guests will also benefit from travel-specific fitness content provided by New Balance. New Balance Fitness Ambassador and Exercise TV celebrity trainer Holly Perkins developed exclusive in-room fitness and equipment-free content that includes stretching and strengthening workouts, cardio and yoga.
The program includes “Wellness in Travel” tips from Perkins on nutrition and creative ways to combat jet lag and healthy living.  In addition, New Balance will continue to work with individual Westin properties to enhance the current 5km and 8km local area running maps.  As part of the partnership, participating properties will provide guests travelling for a major athletic event, such as a marathon, with wellness amenities, including turn-down gifts with “performance/fuel” goodies for the race and “good luck” wake-up calls.

A fitness freak myself, I must say such initiatives would certainly sway my decision when choosing my accommodation during my travels.
Good job Westin! This product loan program is now available at all 190 Westin hotels and resorts worldwide!

For more information on Westin Hotels & Resorts, please visit www.westin.comFaceBook or follow Westin on Twitter.

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